Dutch Design Week: Special Delivery!

Welcome to Holly Becker of Decor8! Travelling in Europe for Dutch Design Week, she’ll be sending in posts this week featuring fresh, fresh, fresh Dutch design.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dutch Design Week left my heart all a flutter. Hands down, it was one of the best design events I’ve ever attended – I’m still floating on a design high. Are you curious to see what went on this past week over in Eindhoven? Good, because I just returned and I’m ready to share!

Here’s what you can expect as I step in to do a little guest blogging on the subject.

In addition to the regular AT features, I’ll be stopping by to inject you with a daily dose of Dutch Design. You’ll learn about both emerging designers from the Design Academy Eindhoven and the more established ones that either have their products available or scheduled for production in the near future.

Posts will include a brief overview of the exhibits attended, spotlighting designs that caught my eye by offering a visual tour, product descriptions (most from the designers’ own words) and plenty of links so you can go off and play on your own.

With so many design disciplines represented this year, I had to draw the line somewhere. The abbreviated list of exhibitions below is what I consider a “best of” list because each focused more on fresh, new ideas, prototypes and design of the interior kind.

First, you’ll meet some of the talents featured at Lift-Off Loves. Then, you’ll peek in on what happened in the Dutch Living Room along with a few additional exhibition highlights from Strijp S. Finally, you’ll travel inside the Graduation Galleries, organized by the highly esteemed Design Academy Eindhoven. Perhaps you’ll be able to predict the next big thing?

With that being said, let’s get started!

Stay tuned for Lift-Off Loves Part 1 and 2…

Holly Becker, decor8