Dwell on Design: Storvino

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There was a lot to look at in the expo hall at Dwell on Design. Everything from bamboo flooring to modular housing. In the smaller ticket category, we really liked Storvino wine storage cases ($19.99).

They look a little bit like plastic milk cartons, in a good way. But, they’re actually wine storage units uniquely designed to hold six bottles of wine (three more can rest on top).

And, the hook? Starting now you can buy Storvinos made out of 100% recycled plastic.

We talked to Bob Stonhaus for quite awhile. As he explained, “They’re like Legos for wine lovers.”

We like that they’re made out of recycled plastic, but we also like that they’re ultra portable and stackable. And, they’ve been designed so that when you do stack them they can be easily stabilized and linked together with a wine cork (just insert the cork through the small holes in the side of the crates). That’s a detail that, oddly enough, really charmed us.

You don’t have to buy a wine case that is too large for your wine collection. Buy one Storvino and then, if you take up wine more seriously, buy a few more.

And, despite that whole milk carton thing, we’re kind of liking the looks of these things.

They’re available online through a number of retailers (including Target and Cole Hardware).