Dwell Shakeup: Arieff Walks in Protest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It does not bode well when a founding editor abruptly quits during yet another “wildly successful” year at a shelter magazine that has only been around since 2000 (See stories today at NYTimes, SFBusinessTimes, WWD).

In a surprising shakeup, Allison Arieff quit Dwell Magazine last Wednesday after a meeting in which structural changes were revealed that significantly shifted her role. She has said that there has become a “disconnect between the stated mission, bringing modern design to everyone, and the workings of things.”

While we feel for Ms. Arieff, we hope that this is an instance of a scrappy “pioneer” being replaced by an mature organization that is better suited to grow this magazine through its next phase and not a tremendous misstep. Only time will tell.