DWP Outdoor Lighting: Light up darkened pathways and entries

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We came back from our holiday trip to Texas to hear from our friend that while we were away, another downstairs neighbor in our building had a frightening visit with a would-be intruder. He tried to bust his way through the front door, but was fortunately frightened away by her screams and her boyfriend. Our apartment has an outdoor lighting issue, with a lot of dark spots for those with nefarious goals to hide in. So this afternoon we called DWP and requested for one of their residential outdoor lighting installations.

We’ve posted about this program before, but this is the first time we’ve personally placed a request for ourselves, and we’re excited about improving what has always been a dangerously dark corner of our street. Our entry walkway should see a lot better illumination, and statistics show that proper lighting helps deter crime, vagrancy and trespassing. We’ll take a before and after of the improvement once the installer arrives in 1-2 weeks (the upcoming rain might prevent installation until it dries out).

All you need is a wooden DWP utility pole with an appropriate voltage within 25 feet of your property line. DWP Outdoor Lighting is incredibly affordable.

No Repair or Replacement Costs
If your light is ever broken or needs to be replaced, you pay nothing. DWP pays for all repairs and replacements.

Risk Free
After one year you can cancel DWP Outdoor Lighting at any time, with no penalty or remaining financial commitment.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee
For seven days you can call us back to make any adjustment – or to take the fixture away – no questions asked.

More Light – Less Cost
You can get more light at less cost from our high efficient, high output lighting – in fact up to one hundred and sixty five times more light than a standard 60 watt household light bulb.

I also plan to give my neighbors a complimentary CFL bulb so they can use it their front entryway. Just having our units seem occupied should give pause to those looking for an easy place to break into.