Dyson DC24 All Floors In The Test Lab

Dyson DC24 All Floors In The Test Lab

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 4, 2008
Product: Dyson DC24 All Floors Designer: James Dyson Price: $399 Rating: Simply Irresistible*

This Dyson is NOT IN STORES YET. We got to pants it right here at AT. And for this Test Lab, we gave it to our special correspondent, Rebecca B, who lives with the challenging crew above who tested and video'd the whole thing. See their video below the jump!

Review: So, we realize that as a house of 9 twenty-somethings in Brooklyn subsisting mainly on frozen pizzas and expired Starbucks sandwiches (if we're lucky enough for Kate to get some closing shifts that week), we're not the typical testing lab for high-end vacuum cleaners like the Dyson DC24...

But that certainly doesn't mean that we have less dust bunnies lurking around the floorboards of our house, and the first three weeks of living with just a few brittle brooms we grandfathered in from our previous residences did little to convince us that life without a vacuum was really that essential to our identities as starving artists.

The chance to test out the Dyson DC24 came as a sweet surprise, a reminder that the life of luxury is a mere vacuum-wrapped-in-swaddling-cloth away, and just in time for our weekly pre-yoga house cleaning. When she appeared on our doorstep we looked on her in wonder, unaware of the nuances hidden within the ball of her devoted personality, the slender and elegant way she knew how to slide across our floor, the ferocity with which she would be able to keep time to our hurtling pent-up-vacuum-starved moves. This vacuum is unlike any we have ever touched - with a mere flick of the wrist she swivels to accomodate our every desire, sweeping our floor cleaner than we ever knew it could be. (And NO, we're not just saying that because we've never touched a vacuum before - most of us have.)

Our only complaint? She's just a little stiff to snuggle with. Other than that, we have to say we find her... simply, irresistible.

*Swivelly, which is great for dancing
*Super suction power, reducing the need for accuracy in sweeping technique for total floor coverage
*No vacuum bags to buy, plus, it's fun to empty the canister (cha ching!)
*Light and easy to carry, making it possible to double as a super-hero weapon


*No remote control (?)
*Split among 9 people, it would still cost $44.44 per person, which translates to... a LOT of frozen pizzas.

Review by Rebeccca B
Edited by Maxwell

*Our Ratings:

Simply Irresistible
Weak Recommend

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