Dyson Hot: The Coolest, Most Expensive Heater We've Seen

Dyson Hot: The Coolest, Most Expensive Heater We've Seen

Jeff Heaton
Sep 15, 2011

Dyson released its newest addition to its product line yesterday, a heater with a name that gets right to the point: Dyson Hot. As you can see it looks strikingly similar to an elongated version of their Air Multiplier. But as usual, a simple exterior covers the deep engineering and thinking that goes into each Dyson product. It also belies the $400 price tag. But if you can stomach to cost there is much to love about the Hot.

The ">Dyson Hot works by sucking in air through a thin opening around the body (called the fan loop) and heating it before passing it to air being sucked into the back. This heated air is then "amplified" 6 times, giving a much wider range than a normal space heater. This process is easier to see in the video on the Dyson page, if you're having trouble visualizing it.

The heater also gives you greater control over the area it heats by titling and oscillating. Temperatures are set to the degree and the Hot has a built in thermostat to determine if it needs to turn itself on or off to maintain the temperature. It also doubles as a fan with a range between 32 and 99 degrees, meaning it doesn't give off that burning smell you get from many traditional heaters. All of this, and the amount of air flow, can be controlled with the remote that hides on top of the device. And if the Hot tips over it shuts itself off automatically.

In the same way that we wondered about the air multiplier, we're curious who has $400 to put toward a heater and doesn't already have central air. It's certainly not for efficiency reasons, the Hot runs average for power usage among other heaters. It could just be us though — Dyson obviously sees a market as they spent more than two years making the Hot.

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