Dyson Just Launched Three New Products–Including Their Smartest Vacuum Yet

published Mar 20, 2019
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(Image credit: Courtesy of Dyson)

Here’s the thing: We wish we could hate Dyson. The tech company keeps coming up with smarter and smarter home products that completely upend our perception of “reasonable pricing”. Before Dyson, we never would have considered spending upwards of $600 on a vacuum cleaner, or $400 on a hair dryer. Now, we not only think about it, we actively figure out a way to make it happen. The problem is that Dyson products are priced so high for a reason: No other company utilizes the same top-notch engineering or guarantees the same high quality. The cost is high, but the benefits are higher.

And now, just when we were perfectly fine with our budget-friendly vacuums and drugstore fans, Dyson goes ahead and launches three new products: an updated cordless stick vacuum, a purifying personal fan, and a self-adjusting lamp that follows your location’s natural lighting. These products are the most intelligent Dyson offerings to date, and it’s honestly rude of them to do so because now we want them–especially since we got to test them out ourselves and can confirm that, yes, they’re pretty life-changing and probably worth every penny.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Dyson)

The last vacuum Dyson unveiled was the Cyclone V10 in 2018, an ultra powerful cordless stick model that came in three varieties. Launching today is the V11 Torque Drive, which has even more advanced technology and is without a doubt the smartest vacuum we’ve seen. Unlike prior models, the V11 has a small screen on the head that shows you exactly how much run time is left (down to the second!) and allows you to easily switch power modes. Even better is what happens when something isn’t working. The screen will tell you if something is stuck or coming unattached, and will give you instructions on how to fix it. As someone who hates calling customer service and would rather just ignore malfunctions and hope they go away on their own, this feature feels like a real gamechanger.

As we’ve come to expect with Dyson products, the engineering in the V11 model is top-notch, with up to 60 minutes of run time depending on your power mode. The V11 also detects what type of surface you’re vacuuming on and adjusts suction accordingly. I got to test the V11 myself and was honestly impressed with how quickly and easily it changed modes–you can hear the change and see it on the screen. It performed pretty perfectly, cleaning up messes that made my neat freak self exceedingly satisfied, plus I noticed that it was much quieter than the older Dyson models I’ve used in the past. At $599, it’s expensive but priced in line with the rest of the Dyson vacuums. (And, as a bonus, when a new Dyson is released we typically see the prices of older models get lower.)

We love Dyson’s air purifiers, which double as fans and heaters, but they tend to be on the larger side and aren’t exactly subtle. Meet the Pure Cool Me, Dyson’s new personal purifying fan that cools you down with clean air only and is much smaller than the classic Pure Cool models. It works by pulling in surrounding air and delivering it through a sealed HEPA filter, then pushing it back out through a focused stream. Again, the engineering efforts here are, to put it mildly, impressive: This fan is bladeless, and unlike earlier models it creates that precise airflow with the help of a domed surface, which can be adjusted to get the direction of the air perfectly right.

It’s important to note that this is a personal fan, and won’t purify or cool down an entire room (you can check out the Pure Cool tower fan for that). Instead, it’s the ideal solution if you like air on your face while you work or sleep but don’t want the dust and other allergens from your space to be directed right at you in the process. The Pure Cool Me is also kind of cute, taking up minimal space on your desk or nightstand and offering a bit more style than your typical fan. It comes in white or silver, and is priced at $349.99–expensive, but the lowest in price of all the Dyson purifying fans.

Finally, Dyson is launching the Lightcycle, a task light that mimics the natural sunlight based on your exact location and time. If you’re someone who’s sensitive to light or does a lot of work from home, this product is huge. It’s similar in design and construction to Dyson’s original CSYS task light, but is a whole lot smarter, continually adjusting its brightness and color temperature throughout the day so you don’t have to think about it. The most impressive feature is the lack of lightbulbs–instead, the Lightcycle uses copper tubing technology to create a non-stop, energy-free light that maintains its quality for 60 years. 

Let’s go back to the personalization, because it’s what I’m most excited about here. Not only does the lamp adjust itself to your precise location and time, but you can play around with the brightness and color temperature yourself using the touch dimmers on the lamp’s head. I got to test it myself and was thrilled. I hate overhead lighting with a deep passion and wear sunglasses on cloudy days, so having complete control of the lighting around me is pretty exciting. Plus, you can connect it to an app and choose from a variety of settings depending on whatever you need light for, including “studying” and “relaxing”. Pricing starts at $599.99 and availability includes white and black models in both desk and floor models.