Dyson Wants To Vacuum Your Pets

Dyson Wants To Vacuum Your Pets

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 4, 2010

Most homeowners will tell you that the largest chore in keeping a home clean is staying on top of the pet hair. It's everywhere. Furniture, walls, floors, tops of appliances — places it shouldn't be! To help you tackle the problem before you're on cleanup duty, Dyson has made a cool "sucky-brush-attachment-thing."

The idea is simple, Dyson is aiming at removing excess fur and dead skin cells before they hit your floors and favorite sofa. This attachment, which will retail for around $60 in January, brushes your pets and then has a face plate that pushes out, making the stuck hair free to suck down the vacuum hose.

It's a great idea. For those homeowners with pets that shed excessively, they know of the giant pile of fur that's left over after brushing their top or bottom coat out. Instead, Dyson skips the whole part where you have a giant icky fur ball on your sofa and makes the whole process a little more clean.

Although we like the thought behind the product, we are quite curious how many pets would actually let their homeowners vacuum them. Many animals aren't too keen on the vacuum and the ones who are probably still aren't into physically having a giant sucky thing come at them. Check out more product details over at Dyson.

Would this go over well with your pets? Are you willing to give it a try? Let us know below!

If this is too much for your pet, check out the review of the Dyson DC31 Animal over at Unplggd. It'll tackle pet hair, cat litter and more — plus it's purple!

Image: Dyson

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