The Best Place to Store Earbuds May Be On Your Wrists

The Best Place to Store Earbuds May Be On Your Wrists

Jason Rodway
Oct 19, 2011

Despite warnings about possible auditory health hazards with frequent earbud use, we still always carry a set everywhere we go. The only hassle is if they aren't properly tended the lifespan of a set of earbud headphones can be pretty short. We've shared several options before, but we might have found the most convenient solution, especially for active types...

We frequently use earbuds for only one way of a trip and then pack them up, but often misplace them. We used to conveniently wrap the cable around our mp3 player. However, now with larger screens and the multi-utility of devices like the iPod Touch, we don't want to cover up the screen, so we're always stashing them in a pocket or bag; without proper protection, pulling them out for use again could mean presenting yourself with a frustrating tangled puzzle when all you want is to listen to your music.

Bud Wrap is an ingenious 'why the heck didn't I think of that?' idea. The band is designed for most earbuds of different sizes and styles to wrap around and tuck neatly away on your wrist. For those who absolutely love the way their buds look as well as feel you can call this a fashion accessory. For minimalists who seek efficient use of space it's a solution that maximises every available inch.

A Kickstarter project, Bud Wrap was able to meet it's investment goals and will begin production very soon. For now it only comes in red or black but more colors are intended to be added in the future. Personally we can't wait to see how my V-Moda Remix looks around our wrist, so we never lose a set of earbuds ever again.

An alternative is to use a old (and hopefully cancelled) credit or membership card as an earbud cable wrap and storage. Or perhaps a ID badge clip or one of those 25 cent machine plastic eggs if you're looking for something simpler to just toss into a bag or backpack.

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