Curing the Copy & Paste Headaches Between Apps

Curing the Copy & Paste Headaches Between Apps

Range Govindan
Oct 17, 2011

If you tend to cut and paste text from a word processor into other files, you've probably come across this annoyance. Microsoft Word, as well as other word processors, will fill up your text with formatting, in a vain effort to preserve how it looks. While this is fine when you are copying and pasting between Word documents, it gets aggravating when you copy text into other apps, and it gets all jumbled up. Here are some easy ways of removing text formatting.

1. Copying Through a Text File: The easiest way, although it's not the quickest, of removing text formatting is to open up a text file, copy your selected text into it, and then copy that text into whatever file or format you need. By passing through a text file, all formatting is removed. It's plain and simple, but it isn't the fastest way to accomplish this. Here's the detailed procedure:

i) Open up a blank text document. On Mac, this can be done by opening up the TextEdit app. On a PC, you can open Notepad.

(ii) Copy your text from your Word document, or other word processor by selecting it and pressing CTRL+C, (⌘+C on Macs).

(iii) Paste it into the blank text file with CTRL+V (⌘+V on Macs).

(iv) Select this copied text from the text file and copy it with CTRL+C, (⌘+C on Macs).

(v) Paste it into where you need it with CTRL+V (⌘+V on Macs).

2. Copying Through Your Search Bar or Address Bar: Instead of using a blank text file, you can also just copy your text into your the search bar or address bar of your browser. This comes in handy if you are copying the text into a blog post. Most blogging platforms don't work well with word processors, but some have workarounds. Wordpress has a "copy from MS Word" button that will remove the formatting as well.

3. Clear it Directly in Word: You can remove text formatting in MS Word by accessing the Styles menu from the main ribbon. From there, you can select "Clear Formatting". Once you use this option, you clear out all of the annoying text formatting.

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