Easing the End of Daylight Savings

Easing the End of Daylight Savings

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On Sunday, November 2, we fall back. While many people celebrate the "bonus" hour of sleep, parents of small children often bemoan the fact that their kids did not get the memo, with early morning wake-ups going from bad to worse. With a little planning, parents can ease the time change and stay on schedule with minimal disruptions.

Susie Parker is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, and here are her top tips for falling back:

1. Know your child. If your little one falls apart at the slightest sleep disruption then it makes good sense to gradually ramp up to the time change.

2. Ease into it. Take this week to push schedules a little later. Every three days, shift naps and bedtimes later by 15 minute increments. By Sunday, your child's schedule should be close to the new adjusted time.

3. Don't go looking for trouble. If your child is really adaptable on the bedtime front, skip the prep. On Saturday night stick with regular bedtime or go a little later, and they should adjust easily.

4. Work with the light. If you have blackout shades, pull them to prevent early morning light from waking a sleeping child, but open them at the correct wakeup time to help recalibrate your child's body clock.

5. If your baby wakes before 6am (new time), hold off on going to their room. Let them hang out until 6 or you may inadvertently set a very early new wake-up time.

Read more from Susie at Sleep Baby Love, and good luck with the time change!

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