East #10: Robin & Sam's Bedroom Reboot

East #10: Robin & Sam's Bedroom Reboot

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 28, 2008

Name: rcwellington
Location: New York
Time: About 8 hours over 2 days.
Cost: Paint = $50, tape = $6, shades = $50, bedskirt = $45, limewash = $20, drawer hardware = $12, tulips = $6, pillows, curtains and art were all poached from other rooms. TOTAL = $189

Okay, this is a bit bigger than a breadbox, but it's a specific project done in a short time in one room and IT'S DONE. How many others can say that? Heck, we've still got one coat of paint to put on our little towel hook project. This reboot is totally inspirational. Head below the jump for all the pics, tools, and instructions and VOTING...


Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:

We had been unhappy with our bedroom for a while, but I kept telling myself that it was "fine for now". The Jumpstart contest inspired us to actually DO something about it. Now that the bedroom is revamped, I feel better about our home as a whole. I think that our entry is a testament to the transformative power of paint and a good old fashioned rearrange. The tools we used were:

* 1 gallon Benjamin Moore Aura paint from Mazzone's Hardware on Court Street. Colour: Cement Gray (2112-60) Finish: Eggshell. Note that this colour looks darker and grayer in person than in the pictures.
* Lots of thick blue painter's tape
* Paintbrush, roller, Mr. LongArm roller handle (which I've been borrowing from a friend for more than a year – sorry Perri!), paint tray, liner, drop cloth
* 1 quart of Valspar textured limewash from Lowe's
* 2 old deli containers, rags, water
* Lampshades from Restoration Hardware (empire shade, size B, white linen - not my first choice, but they were really low on stock)
* Tailored bedskirt from Bed Bath & Beyond
* 4 Eva Osteon knobs from Anthropologie
* 2 Marimekko curtain panels
* 2 Thomas Paul pillows from storage
* Photos left over from Sam's latest show - living with a photographer is awesome when you need some art in a pinch. We usually live with a few different pieces and move them around before settling on something, hence the prints on the floor.
* Folding chairs - a placeholder until I can find a bench that I like.
* Marimekko Bottna fabric - this is earmarked for a kitchen curtain, but it's nice on those chairs until then and keeps my next project at front of mind.
(All of the other "new" art was cycled into this room from elsewhere around the apartment)


Share step by step instructions for how you completed the project:
1. Agonize over paint colours until boyfriend is about to run screaming from store, and then heroically save relationship by making a snap decision.

2. Clear room of everything but the big stuff, move said big stuff into center of room and cover bed with an old sheet.

3. Carefully tape the entire room. Our high ceilings have sloped shoulders, so it is especially crucial to be precise there. Otherwise, you end up lying sleepless in bed, staring up at errant blotches.

4. Take off shoes/socks. I step in paint constantly and this is the only way that I can prevent myself from cluelessly tracking it around the apartment.

5. Start to paint by going around the edges with a good quality paint brush. Between the mouldings, the picture rails and the sloped shoulders (all places where a roller just won't cut it) this is a real chore.


6. Start rolling! I love Mazzone's Hardware on Court Street in Brooklyn because they are full of useful advice. Benjamin Moore's Aura paint has awesome coverage, but it is a little strange to get used to because it dries quickly and has a thicker texture. The paint guy at Mazzone guy suggested that I not correct any mistakes or thin spots until after the paint has dried; otherwise, things can get gloppy and ugly. Our poor old plaster walls have more pits and crags than a before picture in a Proactiv ad and it required some extreme willpower to leave the many mistakes alone until they were dry.

7. While paint dries, swap out bedskirt, lampshades and knobs.

7.5. After the paint is dry, rearrange the room and hang the curtains. I had initially bought these for my dining room, but they just didn't look right in there. I liked a lot, though - well enough to build the colour scheme for the bedroom off of them

8. To matteify the shellacked bricks, I applied a coat of limewash thinned with water. This is a rental-friendly option that we worked out when our landlord wouldn't let us paint the bricks plain opaque white. This way, the bricks stay exposed, but are much more attractive. In addition, the limewash cuts down on dust, can be scoured off, and is a good opportunity to go over the brickwork, take out weird nails, and note any issues. Applying it is simple: thin the limewash with water in a deli container, apply to the brick, and spread it using a brush dipped in plain water. Using a rag, blot off any places where it went on too thickly. You may want to do two passes of this until you've reached the desired effect. I do it over a few days because I have to make myself step away and not make it too "perfect". Sadly, there's not much that I could do about the paint streaks from previous tenants, but I like to think that they're a little less obvious with the limewash.

8. Add flowers, tidy up, hang art and enjoy!

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