East #6: Kyrielle's Entryway Storage/Shoe Wrangler

East #6: Kyrielle's Entryway Storage/Shoe Wrangler

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 24, 2008

Name: Kyrielle
Location: Richmond, VA
Time: Off and on for two days - most of the time was spent waiting for paint/glue to dry.
Cost: Around $62. Many of the materials were left over from previous projects.

Showing off your cat is almost unfair. Pets always get the vote. At any rate, Kyrielle didn't intend to make pet furniture, but an organizer with free seating in her compact hallway. Head below the jump for all her pics, tools, and instructions and VOTING...


Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:

Modular shelving unit - Target ($25)
Paint (Olympic Silver Blueberry, Valspar Soft Rabbit Brown - both from Lowes - and a custom mix that matches my apartment complex's walls from Duron.
Drawer pulls - Lowes (2 x $5)
1' x 2' piece of indoor/outdoor carpet - Lowes ($2)
Removable Double-sided Tape

4 wooden craft candlesticks - Michaels (4 x $1)
Hammer (to flatten the metal candelholder flush to the top of the candlestick)
Kilz Satin Nickel spray paint - Walmart ($4)
Quickset Epoxy - Lowes ($4)

2' x 2' piece of plywood cut in half at store - Loews ($4)
1' x 2' piece of 2" foam - Hancock Fabrics ($4)
Low-Loft Batting - Hancock Fabrics
Green Microsuede Fabric - Hancock Fabrics
Staple Gun
Spray Adhesive
Sticky-back Velcro ($5)


Share step by step instructions for how you completed the project:

I've needed a place to store shoes and pet stuff by my entranceway and I haven't been able to find anything ready made to fit the close quarters that 1) I liked and more importantly 2) my bank account liked. I found a storage unit on sale at Target that looked promising.

First, I put together the storage unit and then scuffed all the surfaces with sandpaper to give the paint something to stick to. I think if I did a similar project again, I'd go ahead and use a quick primer instead. The Duron and Valspar paints didn't have any trouble with the melamine, but the Olympic pain had a few.


After sanding the cabinet, I turned it over and painted the botton and inside-tops - places that would be difficult to get to later. While that dried, I gathered the candlesticks and hammered the rolled edge of the metal candle holder flat until it was flush with the top of the candlestick. I originally had tried to pry the candleholders out, but they were stubborn and since the metal was thin - hammering was an easy fix.

Once the rims have been hammered flat, I spray painted them with a satin nickel spray paint and set them aside to dry. When the cabinent & candelsticks were dry, I mixed a quick set epoxy and glued candlesticks to the bottom of the unit and let them set for a couple hours to be safe. Then, I turned the unit over and painted the rest of the cabinet and the drawers.

While that is drying, I started making the cushion. I had a piece of 2'x2' plywood cut in half at Lowes and then bought a 1'x2' piece of 2" foam at Hancock Fabric. I sprayed one side of the plywood and one side of the foam with spray adhesive and glued the two pieces together. I then cut a piece of fabric and batting left over from another previous project large enough to stretch over the foam and plywood and stapled the batting and fabric to the board. Then I attached the cushion to the cabinet (now bench) with velcro.

Finally, I bought a small piece of indoor/outdoor carpet that just happened to match with the brown pain really well (score!) and cut that to fit the lower compartment. I did lay down a strip of removable double-stick tape to give it a little more help staying in place and that seems to have done the trick.

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