East Coast/ West Coast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve noticed a little rumbling in the comments between the east and west and are curious how people are feeling about the seemingly competitive attitude towards the two sides.

East coast Ann says: “why do so many of the LA entries have such a stuck-in-the-50s retro feel to them? Is there something I’m missing by not having visited LA since I was in 5th grade…?”

West coast Wende responds:“I look at the East Coast entries and find myself bored with gray, blocky sofas paired with blond furniture and white walls. Frankly, all that looks just as retro to me — just 1960s high-style retro or 1980s industrial instead of 1950s pop.”

While these ladies have kind (ish) words, some of the dueling banjo mentality is pretty aggressive. We may have our own strong opinion about what looks good but we can’t imagine making people squeal like pigs until they come to see things our way.

Just thinking out loud here and wondering if any one else is noticing the divide?