18 DIY Easter Crafts to Try If You’re Totally Over Dyeing Eggs

published Mar 20, 2024
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Close-up of women's hands making a wreath of eggs for Easter.
Credit: Ekaterina Goncharova / Getty Images

Easter is fast approaching — it falls on Sunday, March 31, this year — and if you’re planning on hosting a meal for friends and family, you might consider creating an activity for everyone to do together. That could be party-ready board games or other springtime activities like an outdoor walk. But might I suggest a group Easter craft? DIYing together as a family gives everyone a chance to stretch their creative muscles and do something outside the norm, and there are tons of fun and easy Easter craft ideas you can choose from.

Even if you’re not hosting this year, these Easter crafts are a fun way to decorate for the holiday without spending a ton of money on ready-made decor. A lot of these crafts can be done with materials you already have, or at least involve minimal extra purchases. Ready to get your DIY on? Check out these 18 easy Easter craft ideas that you use to decorate your home or to entertain friends and family.

1. Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath

There’s probably no Easter DIY more iconic than dyed eggs. This DIY from The House That Lars Built takes the classic and turns it into cheerful and whimsical decor by converting those colorful eggs into a springy wreath. While the wreath pictured is rainbow-hued, you could customize the coloring to your own tastes.

2. Vintage Paper Easter Bunny Garland

Garlands are quick, easy decor that create an instant vibe anywhere you hang them — whether that’s across a mantel, over a window, or even at the foot of a bed. This Easter bunny garland uses vintage-style dictionary pages for a charmingly retro look that would be right at home among cottage, farmhouse, and traditional decor. Get the full tutorial at The How To Home

3. Egg Hunt Trophies

If Easter egg hunts are on the agenda, consider making these adorable trophies from Lovely Indeed to hand out to any participants. (Or skip the hunt and just hand out the trophies — on holidays, everyone wins!) Start with a basic trophy and customize the egg color and wording to suit your crowd.

4. DIY Easter Egg Candle

Want to create a little bit of Easter-inspired decor to enjoy in your own home? These colorful egg-shaped candles from The House That Lars Built are just the ticket. The truly ambitious can make enough to hand out as cute Easter-themed favors.

5. Tiny Pom Pom Chicks

I am a firm believer that almost everything is cuter in miniature, and these pom-pom chicks from Our Gabled Home are here to back me up. You could tuck these little guys into Easter baskets, use them to decorate place settings, or just perch them in unexpected places around your home for a little bit of cheer.

6. Painted Plastic Easter Eggs

Dyed eggs are fun and all, but the real shame is your artistic creations only last until you eat up the snack inside. Plastic eggs, on the other hand, last for years and make for instant decor — just plop them in a cute bowl and you’re done! Get the instructions for these hand-doodled Easter eggs from At Charlotte’s House.

7. Felt Easter Basket

These little felt Easter baskets look impressive but don’t require a single stitch — it’s a totally no-sew project! Fill the end product with little candies and other treats for the most adorable Easter favor. Get the tutorial at Sustain My Craft Habit.

Credit: Agnes Hsu

8. Squeegee-Painted Easter Egg Art

These painted Easter eggs look intricate, but they’re actually easy enough for kids to make. The secret ingredient is a squeegee! Make these together as an activity, or DIY them yourself to use as decoration. They’d look so cute strung together as a garland. Get the tutorial at Hello, Wonderful.

9. Felt Easter Eggs

Here’s another idea for Easter egg decorations that will last a whole lot longer than a hard-boiled egg: felt Easter eggs. You can pick up felt from the craft store for a song, or even use scraps left over from any previous projects — the wonderful part of this DIY is that it looks even better with more colors at play. Find the instructions at The How To Home.

10. Painted Easter Basket

Even if you’re long past the age of receiving Easter baskets, this is a DIY worth making (if only to hold all the candy you give yourself). The Crafted Life shows this basket in a cheerful rainbow palette, but this would look equally cute in a range of daffodil yellows or ombré pinks.

11. Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

One fun way to decorate for Easter is to create an Easter tree filled with ornaments. Don’t panic! This doesn’t need to be a full-size pine tree. A vase with a few branches in it will do nicely. Then add some handmade patterned ornaments like these from Fireflies & Mudpies.

12. Pom-Pom Easter Egg Ornaments

Another Easter tree decoration option: pom-pom eggs. Solid-color eggs are straightforward enough, but with a little extra attention to detail, you can create eggs with stripes, spots, and more. Get the instructions at The House That Lars Built.

13. Easter Egg Floral Centerpiece

Eggshells don’t need to end up in the garbage! This DIY shows just how sophisticated they can look when used as tiny vases for springtime flowers. Find the how-to at Lovely Indeed.

Credit: Damask Love

14. Fried Egg Garland

For quirky decor that you can reuse for brunches year-round, you need to make this fried egg garland from Damask Love. The beauty of this DIY is that it’s so forgiving since your cutout eggs don’t need to perfectly match (have you ever cooked a fried egg the same way twice?).

15. Marbled Easter Egg Placeholders

If you’re hosting, these little marbled eggs from At Charlotte’s House are the perfect placeholder/favor combo. Use them to hold attendees’ names day of; when they take them home, they can use them to hold a photo from the celebration.

16. Rainbow Easter Basket

This rainbow-shaped Easter basket is a great way to package treats, yes, but the handle and ultrapractical shape mean it’s a pretty good carrier for any planned Easter egg hunts too. Plus, rainbows are a year-round kid favorite, so this could easily get used outside of Easter as a play purse. Find the instructions at Lovely Indeed.

17. Paper Bunny Treat Bags

If you want a lower lift way to package up Easter treats, these brown paper bag bunnies from The Merrythought are the way to go. Use them to package up candy for kids or to wrap up treats for grown-ups — either way, they look seriously impressive but come together in a snap.

18. Rope Easter Basket

Some careful twisting and a little hot glue is all you need to create these DIY rope Easter baskets from The House That Lars Built. While these are, of course, the perfect way to package up treats, they also look stylish enough to use as Easter decor. Just fill them with some decorated faux eggs and you’ll have an instant table centerpiece.