15 Fun & Silly Easter Games to Play After the Big Egg Hunt

published Mar 13, 2024
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The fun doesn’t end after the bunny delivers his Easter baskets and the egg hunt is over. Some might even say the fun has just begun! Having a few Easter games planned ahead of time not only makes the most of all your Easter decorations and supplies, but it also helps keep the festivities going and kids well-occupied. 

Here are 15 simple and fun Easter games that will keep everyone entertained for hours — with minimal effort and maximum excitement.

1. Easter Bunny “Egg Roll” 

This game is perfect for using up those extra or empty plastic eggs. Make an Easter bunny out of a cardboard box and cut out an open mouth, which acts as the target for the eggs. Little (and big!) kids toss or roll plastic eggs inside. Get the full directions for how to make the cardboard bunny on The Crazy Outdoor Mama

2. Easter Peeps Game

This is one of the best Easter games to play with the whole family. All you need are shower caps, shaving cream, and a whole bunch of Peeps. The rules are simple: Split up into pairs and have one person wear a shower cap that you cover with shaving cream. The other person is the Peeps tosser. Whichever team has the most Peeps stuck on the shaving cream after a certain amount of time wins! Check out Get Your Holiday On for more details. 

3. Catapulting Peeps

Gather a few Easter baskets, some plastic spoons, rubber bands, and, of course, Peeps! Rubber band the spoons together to make a catapult and have fun launching the Peeps into various buckets. Find the full directions on There’s Just One Mommy.

4. Bunny Tails 

Bunny tails is a super-easy Easter game. You just need two bowls, a plastic spoon for each player, a bunch of cotton balls, and a timer. Set a timer and have each player take turns moving “bunny tails” (cotton balls) from one bowl to the other with the spoon held in their mouth, and whoever moves the most cotton balls wins. Time for a Game has complete details. 

Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe

5. The Peep Face Game

All you need for this one are Peeps and a timer. The object of the game is to get as many Peeps to stick to your face as possible in a designated amount of time. Here’s the secret: Tearing Peeps (rather than biting them) makes them stick best. Head to Grace for Single Parents for more details on this one. 

6. Easter Egg Toss

An Easter twist on the classic egg toss game, this version from Play Party Plan involves plastic eggs and flour. Fill half of a plastic Easter egg with flour and then close it up. Have everyone stand in two straight lines with pairs of players facing each other, and give every pair a flour-filled egg. Each pair will toss, take a step back, and toss again. Continue until the egg pops open and someone gets covered in flour. Last flour-free pair wins!

7. Sticky Situation

For this Easter game shared by Must Run in the Family, you need a lint roller and leftover plastic Easter eggs. Players are divided into pairs, with one player tossing eggs while the other tries to catch them with the lint roller. Whoever catches the most in the designated amount of time is dubbed the winner.

8. Easter Bingo 

With this adorable free printable sheet from Happiness Is Homemade, kids and adults can play an Easter version of Bingo, complete with pastel candies as the markers. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for some calmer, seated fun. 

9. Carrot Toss

You can set up this Easter game from Time for a Game with supplies from Dollar Tree: orange safety cones, green plastic basket filler, and glow stick necklaces. Each player gets a chance to throw a certain number of rings onto the cone “carrots,” and whoever gets the most rings wins.

10. Jack and the Beanstick

Another fun Easter game from Play Party Plan, this one calls for Popsicle sticks and jelly beans. Each player holds a Popsicle stick between their teeth and tries to balance jelly beans on top of it — the first one to successfully keep six jelly beans on it wins. 

11. Bunny Ear Ring Toss

An inflatable bunny ear ring toss game provides easy entertainment with minimal supervision. This set from Amazon comes with three sets of ears and rings and is perfect for playing in pairs (and it’s on sale for $15). 

Credit: Eric Urquhart

12. Egg Push

Egg push is a simple game that requires something to mark a finish line (tape is perfect) and one plastic egg per player. Everyone pushes the egg toward the finish line with their noses, and whoever crosses first wins. This is one of those Easter games that’s just as much fun to watch as it is to play!

13. Swing into Spring

This Easter game, via Fun Party Pop, combines several spring-themes components: flowers, Easter eggs, and baseball! A bunch of fake flowers serve as the bat, and empty plastic Easter eggs are the ball. One person acts as the pitcher, and the first player to crack open five eggs with their flower bat wins. 

14. Spring Chicken Slingshot

Everyone loves these hilarious rubber chicken slingshots. Turn them into an Easter game with this set from Amazon, which includes dart cups and 16 silly rubber chickens. 

15. Spoonful of Sugar

This Easter game, shared by Play Party Plan, is perfect for all ages. You need a big bowl of jelly beans, plastic spoons, and a small cup per player. Each player holds the spoon in their mouth and scoops jelly beans out of the big bowl into the small cup. The first player to fill their cup wins. Tip for the pros: You can make it harder by placing the small cup farther away.