Easy Bedroom UpdatesCanadian Family

With the change of seasons, we’re always inspired to change things up inside a bit as well. Whether it’s a massive decluttering or just rearranging some furniture, change feels good. Here are a few easy bedroom updates and tips for the kids rooms…

• Keep the walls of the room white, and you’ll easily be able to update the rest of the room when his/her favorite color changes. For example, the above room has a lot of pink, but can easily be updated later because of the white walls.

• Add some paper lanterns! (Or tissue paper pom poms!) Or add twinkly lights, or a different lamp.

• Start with a simple bed that can be dressed up or down to create a more minimalist look.

• Work with your child’s toys- create sculpture-like arrangements with them!

• Line up bright storage containers against the wall in a row.

• Canadian Family suggests adding colored rock-climbing holds to the walls- if not rock climbing holds- just add something fun to the walls! Maybe a decal or two.

• We’ve said it before- but mix new and old in a gender-neutral palette, and you’ll really have a fun room that can grow and change with your child!

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