6 Easy DIY Projects For People Who Think They Suck at DIY Projects

published Aug 22, 2019
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Whether you own, rent, or crash with a friend or family member, DIY projects can help your digs feel more like home. But maybe you’re the type who thinks sanding, glue guns, and polyurethane sound a little too intense for your click-and-you-bought-it personality. Here are some projects from the Apartment Therapy archives that we promise even the most novice DIY-er can handle. 

Credit: Abe Martinez

Paint the inside of the front door

A coat of fresh paint can liven up your entryway in ways that don’t even make sense. Suffice it to say, the whole of the appeal gained is greater than the sum of its parts—with parts being the very minimal money, time, effort, and skill that painting a door requires. 

Put washi tape on the walls 

Want to  add some pizzazz to your place, but have zero interest in painting? Apply washi tape for a fresh, custom pattern. That’s it. That’s the DIY.

Make a supplies headquarters 

Are your kitchen tools or office or craft supplies just sort of…everywhere? Creating a simple pegboard organization station is within even a DIY rookie’s reach. It’ll help keep everything looking put-together, and when you know where things are, you’re more likely to use them.

Frame personal “artwork

You can both save money and make your home feel more personalized when you hang items with special meaning as art. In this piece, Allie Melnick, general manager of women’s body care brand Flamingo, says, “My husband actually saved a crossword puzzle we did on our third date and gave it to me on our one-year anniversary. It has a place of honor on our wall now.” Cat Meschia of ctrl + curate framed her wedding invitation.

Hang a “headboard”

A simple bed frame can look so much more adult-like when you add a headboard. And while headboards aren’t cheap, there are really basic ways to add the same effect on your own. One of those: Hang a tapestry. 

Credit: Marlene Sauer for Apartment Therapy

Tie-dye basic linens

Do you love the look of those indigo shibori tie-dyes you’ve no doubt seen all over the internet? You can upgrade some of your own natural fibers—bed linens, curtains, hand towels, and throws—by using a beginner level shibori or traditional tie-dye technique. The wonderful thing about this process is that you really can’t fail, because even “fails” can look neat with this effect!