Colored Tape to Label Cords is an Easy Fix

Colored Tape to Label Cords is an Easy Fix

Taryn Williford
Sep 23, 2009

Sometimes the easiest solutions are the hardest to come up with. Case in point: Using color-coded tape to label our most-used plugged-in cords. A brilliant, low-impact, no-brainer idea that we've never even thought about until now.

Even though we've put [pretty much] an entire roll of masking tape to use behind our media center, the idea to label our cords with colored tape didn't hit us until we saw the image above at Lifehacker.

Until now, we've been labeling cords with masking tape 'flags'—a short length of tape wrapped around the cord and stuck to itself leaves a tab to mark with a sharpie. This image really shows how unpolished that system can look.

But for an even more streamlined plan—especially if your cords are not as 'hidden' as you'd like them to be—head down to your local home improvement store to pick up several rolls of colored masking or electrical tape and use that tape to wrap once around each wire like the photo above.

Now you can label and group your wires according to color, or even use the tape to indicate urgency (i.e. use the red tape for the gadgets that absoltely without a doubt cannot be unplugged!). If you're the forgetful type, you can keep a 'key' of your colored wires tucked into a drawer. What a no-brainer!

Via Lifehacker

(Top Image: Flickr user Lautreamax under license from Creative Commons.)

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