Home Habits So Easy You'll Start Them Yesterday

Home Habits So Easy You'll Start Them Yesterday

Dabney Frake
Oct 22, 2015
(Image credit: Sarah Gerber)

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "I want it done yesterday!". Well, in the case of these super simple habits, you can just about make that impossible request happen. As you know, it’s much easier to start a good habit than it is to break a bad one. To ensure success, start off with readily adoptable ones (like the ones on this list) that don’t take a lot of time, but yield happy results with little effort. The key is to do it IMMEDIATELY after something you always do, or are required to do anyway. Here are the easiest of the easiest...

Remove Shoes Indoors

You have to walk through the door to get inside. So, before you leaf through the mail, or say hello to your pet, immediately take off your shoes after you cross over the threshold. Better yet, stick them on a boot tray or in a cubby where you won’t trip over them later. Taking off footwear is a good way to prevent dirt and debris from coming inside the house. The less mess, the less cleaning you’ll have to do.

Make Your Bed

This practice has been called a keystone habit— one of those things that motivates you first thing in the morning, makes you more productive, and is, in turn, a catalyst for other good habits. I used to not make the bed but, after getting married, I am now required and the practice has grown on me. Now, immediately after leaving the sheets, I turn and pull the covers up. Now it feels wrong

Use Your Outbox

When getting dressed each day you inevitably pull out clothing that you haven’t worn in awhile. (Yes, I’ll use the phrase: for whatever reason, they don’t spark joy.) Instead of stuffing that shirt back in the depths of you closet, throw it in an outbox which you conveniently keep close by, just for that reason. When the box is full, drop it off at a donation center. The same goes for unused toys or household items.

Create a List Each Day

Keep a pad of paper (or your smartphone) somewhere handy and before you head into your bedroom for the night, make a note of: a) everything you need to do the next day; b) items that you need to pick up; and c) anything you need to remember, like doctor’s appointments. Whatever it is, writing it down frees you up worry less and gets you organized for the next day. We put the list in our pocket on the way out the door and it helps us keep track of the things on our agenda.

Deal With Your Day’s Clothes

When you get into your pjs each night, resist the urge to toss them on the chair, on the floor, or at the end of the bed. If your jeans are still wearable without a wash, either stick them in a drawer, or hang them on a strategically placed hook. Or put all dirty laundry in a hamper.

Do these seem do-able?

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