Easy Outdoor Chic: All White Container Gardens

While I do love the vast array of vibrant florals available at this time of year, there is something so striking and sophisticated about an all-white planterbox. No matter how your outdoor décor changes, the white-bloom-backdrop will always coordinate. These white wonders will keep your container gardens lively and lovely all summer long.

Of course there are many, many possibilities, but here are just a few of what may be the easiest options to maintain:

1.White is not just for weddings!

2. A beautifully fragrant plant, Sweet Alyssum will bloom continuously throughout the summer in northern climates. Used in hanging baskets, the tiny flowers will spill over the edge in fountain-like form.

3. Dahlias are wonderful plants because of their massive blooms and color variety, even white! They are readily available and add a great impact.

4. The ever-classic Petunia blooms over and over all summer. No wonder they call them ‘Easy Wave’!

5. Daises come is many a variation. Te version pictured here is the “White Reagan.” Choose from single layered petals or frillier options; either way you can’t go wrong.

6. Hard to kill, Geraniums are a favorite in many container gardens. They also winter extremely well indoors, continuing to bloom all year with the right care.

7. Physostegia, otherwise known as “Miss Manners,” has earned her name for a reason; this plant is incredibly well behaved—adding height without overtaking roots systems or flopping over.