Easy Table Add On For Extra Fun Playtime

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When it comes to hacking IKEA products, more often than not we see tearing them apart and repurposing pieces, but in this hack it’s just the opposite. Instead of removing parts, this piece adds a few extras to turn an ordinary table into a stage fit for a perfect puppet show.

A few curtains, and a piece of plywood or mdf added to the side and this typical table from the big blue and yellow retailer pulls double duty. It’s still perfectly fit to have a tea party at, but can also be used beneath for puppet shows or theater performances.

It’s a simple addition that doesn’t even require any serious cutting (ask your friendly hardware store employee to do it for you!). It could be tailored to a specific theme (say if you have Wizard of Oz puppets) or made to be used by any puppet or toy in your arsenal. Check out My Mind’s Eye for loads more photos and information on this great project!