Easy Tips to Take Your Houseplants to the Next Level

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Have you (a former black thumb) successfully kept alive — perhaps even grown — a house plant or two around your home for the past few months? Congratulations! Now it’s time to master a few more plant moves. Even if you feel confident in your house plant watering and keeping-alive skills, these four plant skills to learn will take your plants to the next level.


If you’re doing a good job of keeping your plants alive, chances are they’re growing bigger. Plants can outgrow the first pot you put them in, or might just need to be re-potted to get bigger or so you can replace a damaged or outdated pot. It can sound scary, literally uprooting your beloved houseplant, but it’s not as hard it sounds.

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Want even more plants than you have now that you’re totally rocking the world of keeping house plants alive? It’s time to master propagating!

“Propagation is the process of creating new plants from a variety of sources. This could be from seeds, bulbs, cuttings or other parts of the plant. Cacti and succulents are very easy to propagate. You can take pups from certain species, a stem cutting, or even root new plants from just one leaf!”


Did you know some plants actually grow bigger and/or happier when they’re pruned (as opposed to just leaving them alone to do their own growing thing)? It’s true! Research the types of plants you have in and around your house and whether the experts say you should be doing some trimming or pruning. You might find your houseplants stay pretty satisfied year after year.

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Easing them into temperature and light changes

Plants that are happy where they are usually like to stay in those conditions. But as the seasons change you might want to move outside plants in or inside plants to other rooms to get more sun. You might just even want to move plants when you rearrange your furniture. Moving plants isn’t against natural law, but you do want to do it smartly and slowly.

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