10 Holiday Decorations That Are Perfect for Small Spaces (and So Easy to Store!)

updated Dec 7, 2020
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During the holiday season, coming home to a space that’s decked out in festive decor feels nothing short of magical. What doesn’t feel so magical? Those oh-so-festive decorations taking up precious storage space throughout the rest of the year. If you live in a tiny studio or apartment, keeping anything but the essentials around simply isn’t an option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your small space into a wintry wonderland; it just means you’ll have to get creative to do so. Below are 10 of our favorite holiday decorations that either work year-round or take up next to no space when stored, so you can embrace the festive spirit of the season—and skip clearing off the only shelf in your closet after the holidays are over.

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World Market
was $22.99

A battery-powered LED light makes this delicate tabletop tree glow from within. Made of high-quality white paper with glittery gold edges, it lies completely flat when collapsed, making for easy storage. It’ll look gorgeous displayed on a table, shelf, or mantle, or if you’re really short on space, try hanging it from the ceiling.

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Urban Outfitters

Hang this pretty golden mistletoe wherever you’d like to meet your boo (and, yes, your pet definitely does count). It’ll lend an air of holiday romance to your space now, and since it doesn’t really scream “mistletoe” until it’s hanging from the doorway, you can easily make use of it all year-round.

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West Elm
was $100.00

This twinkling curtain of LED rain lights feels so dainty and magical. It’ll look great just about anywhere: above your couch or fireplace, along a stairway, or even over your bed as a whimsy makeshift headboard. When the holidays are over, take it down and tuck it away.

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Urban Outfitters

Since candles burn down anyway, they’re a great way to incorporate more obviously seasonal elements into your decor without the commitment. That said, this candy cane-striped version of Lex Pott’s Insta-famous twist candle is almost too pretty to burn—so no judgment if you put off lighting it indefinitely.

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Placed on your front door or above the fireplace, this wreath wall decal will make a major impact without taking up any space. If the wreath isn’t your style, the same Etsy store sells lots of stylish holiday-themed decals, including a menorah, string of multicolored lights, and this colorful cluster of ornaments. Stock up now and stash some away for next year.

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Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler certainly knows how to update a classic with a playful, modern twist—a fact that this adorable Dachshund-shaped menorah makes abundantly clear. Well worth displaying year-round, the original clay model designed by Adler is replicated by skilled artisans in Peru in glazed, high-fired stoneware.

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World Market

Handmade in India using recycled fabric, multicolored tassels, jute, and tiny mirrors, this garland is rich in globally eclectic cheer. The design is inspired by Hindu toran garlands, which are traditionally hung in doorways during festivals and celebrations to welcome those who enter a space.

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This 3-D pendant lantern will be the star of any room. Sure, it might seem a bit pricey for a light like this, but a few key features make it totally worth it: For one, it’s made of a durable, outdoor-friendly polypropylene material, making it far less flimsy than your typical paper lantern. It’s also paintable and markable, in case you (or your kids) are in the mood to get crafty. And when you’re ready to take it down, it folds flat for easy storage. Pretty impressive, no?

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Urban Outfitters
was $5.00

It’s impossible not to smile when you look at these fluffy pom-pom ornaments by MoMA. Festive and fun, the fact that they’re made of soft acrylic yarn makes them so much easier to store than fragile glass ornaments.

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was $9.99

At first glance, this looks like a regular string of festive lights, complete with twisted green wiring and multicolored vintage bulbs. Look closely, though, and you’ll realize it’s actually a charging cable for your iPhone—how fun is that? Perfect for those who truly have very limited space, it can be hidden away in a drawer when the festive season ends.