Eating Less Meat: Is Fake Meat the Answer?

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Recently, a lot of big names have been telling us that eating meat is bad for the environment. And, if we aren’t ready to give it up, we should at least be trying to eat it a little less often. But how? What is replacing meat in your household?

We’re vegetarian, and in our house there is usually no “meat replacement.” We simply leave the meat out and instead, eat a larger amount of beans, grains, dairy, and veggies. However, on some nights we just want a burger (or, more likely, a BLT). And that’s where the fake meat enters the picture.

We do eat a fair amount of soy/seitan products that are processed to taste like meat. We’re addicted to Morningstar Farms veggie sausage patties. But we feel a little bit of guilt when we pop one into the microwave. We’re happy that these alternatives exist (it’s nice to have some variety) but is it a good idea to take meat out of the diet and replace it with processed food?

Does your family eat “fake meat”?

We just recently came across an interesting post on the subject at GOOD magazine’s blog. The author, Michael Keating, suggests that tofu/seitan/veggie burgers could be just the thing, given the right circumstances, to wean all of us off real meat.

What do you think?

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