E-Bin: Recycling Bin of the Future Replete with Touchscreen

E-Bin: Recycling Bin of the Future Replete with Touchscreen

We have posted about neat recycling bins before... including one that made a waste bin out of used paper. The e-Bin, a runner up in "The 4th Bin" design competition, is the first recycling bin concept that we've seen that has an integrated touchscreen. Created by London based designer Baharash Bagherian, e-Bin is designed for recycling electronics. How fitting that something designed for the recycling of electronics should be fairly tech'd out itself, no?

The e-Bin with its integrated touchscreen can be programmed to communicate relevant information with both the user and the recycling company. The bin, which would be located in convenient spots in the neighborhood (or in your own home or office) would also tell the user if it is full and suggests the location of the next nearest bin, while simultaneously informing the recycling company to come and empty its contents. The e-Bin would use solar power to recharge the touchscreen, and would require an administrator password to become maneuverable.

The e-Bin is big enough to hold items like televisions and easily slips in a home or office. Because it is finished with vacuum-formed carbon fiber sheets to make it durable, strong, all-weather and lightweight, it is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.

One of the features that we think is extra awesome is the feedback that the e-Bin would provide on whether or not an item is suitable for recycling. The debate that rages in our household and is usually settled after multiple iPhone searches on what should and should not go in the recycling bin would be ended once and for all!

The designers of the e-Bin hope that by taking a lot of the guesswork out of recycling electronics and providing an easy way to facilitate this recycling that more buyers would purchase goods that could be recycled without harming or polluting the environment.

For more information, and to look at other entries in the design contest, check out "The 4th Bin."

[via The Design Blog]

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