eCards Guaranteed to Make You Smile

To me, the most effective eCard is the one that takes very little time to view and immediately makes you laugh. But with so many options, it’s easy to get lost in the search for the right card. So, I’ve waded through the treacherous and seemingly endless sea of choices and rounded up some of the internet’s most humorous eCards – so you can keep your friends and family in good spirits all throughout the holiday season.

If you can only commit to one hard-copy holiday mailing this year, but still want to reach out to friends and family throughout the upcoming months, an eCard might be a great option for you. Unfortunately, with all the messy eCard websites available today, there seems to be much more bad than good options available – and you do not want to be that friend that spams their loved ones with anything tacky, overly-sentimental or just plain annoying.

These days, the going rate for a quality eCard comes from sites like, Blue Mountain and JibJab – but with a yearly membership fee ranging between $10-20. Though it seems like a large sum to fork over for something you will never hold in your hands, keep in mind that these sites generally provide the best content and offer unlimited usage of their digital catalog. Also, these membership sites offer more advanced features like the ability to customize eCards with personal photos and video, functions that allow you to schedule the delivery of your cards in advance, and the possibility of uploading your creation directly to someone’s Facebook page.

Great free options also exist for eCard lovers, like which combine simple and stylized presentations with tongue-in-cheek punch lines. POSTCARD.FM is another great, free eCard site that provides an easy, no-hassle upload of a photo, mp3 and personal message into a clean and minimal design that is ready to email in minutes.

Click through the following links to view my selection of ten funny digital holiday cards. But proceed with caution, because the world of eCards can be a scary, scary place.


1. Kitty Pilgirm (customized with speaking text), via

2. Perky Turkey, (customized through
Smilebox with personal photo or video) via

3. Be Thankful (cast your eCard using personal photos!), via

4. Hanukkah Cactus, via

5. I Cheat at Dreidel, via

6. Let it Shine, via

7. He’s Jewish? via

8. Santa Claus Myth, via
New Years

9. New Years, via

10. Customized photo and mp3, via