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For a Bright Spring Refresh, Look No Further Than Your Own Closet

published Apr 1, 2023
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While it can be tempting to save hot pinks and bold purples for the middle of a sweltering summer, interior stylist Tanika Rottura encourages spring to roar in like a lion in a whole new way. And as we scroll through her Instagram, we can’t help but think she might be on to something.

When it comes to a seasonal refresh rather than a full-on makeover, it can be difficult to know where to start. What tweaks will be too much, and what changes will be too little? Luckily, Tanika has an excellent jumping-off point — which is evident in her bedroom refresh mood board inspired by the Air Wick Essential Mist® in Hibiscus & Blooming Orchids scent. The discreet diffuser fills the room with a gentle, fragrant mist that’s infused with natural essential oils, helping transform your space from winter mode to spring.

“I believe in changing pillows, bedding, and throws seasonally, which is a perfect way to reinvent your home and make it look and feel different,” she says. “We all get bored, so the best way to get out of this rut is to change the color scheme in your home. In her mood board, we see not one, not two, not three, but six colors at play in her bedding selection. By picking colors that play well together, she created a spring refresh that’s plenty of fun without being overwhelming.

For Tanika, one of her greatest sources of inspiration is her own closet. Look to your favorite pair of spring shoes for color inspiration or a beloved breezy button-up shirt for potential patterns and materials. Another useful idea to pull from Tanika’s bedroom mood board is to build little “design families.” The two cushions may have very different vibes, but their knotted architectural form unites them. The book, shoes, vase, lamp, and pink cushion are all connected by color. By having different items overlap in different ways, you create a subtle harmony out of seemingly disparate items.

“My wardrobe and home go hand in hand. My style was preppy through my younger years and now it’s eclectic, chic, and modern, which involves lots of bold colors.”

Scent plays an important part in the layering of a home.

If you have a certain scent in a certain place, it can become a signature. Or, if you have different needs in different places, you can play to that. “I cook a lot so I have to have different scents in each room,” Tanika says. “I think it’s nice to have a fragrance that goes with the season.”

If you’re looking to jumpstart your spring refresh, look at what you already have. Shop your closet for inspiration, pair items you wouldn’t have thought to pair before, try a new Air Wick® fragrance in an unexpected place, and see where this spring takes you.