This Eco-Friendly Instant Grill is Perfect For Camping Season

published Aug 15, 2020
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Credit: Uncommon Goods

Nothing (I repeat, nothing!) is more indicative of summer than the smell and sight of food barbecuing on a grill. The colorful hue of vegetables (think corn, tomatoes, bell peppers) blackening on a grill! The smell of chicken permeating the air! The sight of sliced watermelons on a big plate! Summer is the season of barbecues and time spent outdoors, and, as such, Uncommon Goods’ $15 eco-friendly instant, single-use grill just might be the must-need item of the season.

Ideal for impromptu barbecues, camping trips, or beach trips, Uncommon Goods’ single-use grill is perfect for people who have no desire to drag around a barbecue during trips immersed in nature and the great outdoors. It’s lightweight, completely biodegradable (just throw it away after a single use), and the surface remains hot for about an hour. It’s also easy to assemble: the grill is made up of bamboo, cardboard, and lava stones. It’s ideal for cooking up delicious meals during those off-the-grid adventures. 

Of course, the summer of camping trips and barbecues looks much different this year due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Anything travel-related is very much a risk. Health professionals have maintained that transmission risks are lower outdoors than indoors, but it’s still important for those aching to hit the great outdoors to practice precaution. “Of course, go out and be active. It’s important for your mental and physical health,” Claudia Finkelstein, an associate professor of medicine at Michigan State University, told CNN. “But, choose wisely, be prepared, and stay safe.” 

The CDC outlined the following camping guidelines for visiting parks and recreational facilities: avoid crowded parks and campgrounds, visit campgrounds that are closer to your home, stay six feet away from people outside of your household, wear a mask, and wash your hands often.  So, go forth and grill those summer goods—whether at a socially-distanced campsite or your backyard.