Eco Light Bulb Technology: What's Next

Eco Light Bulb Technology: What's Next

While we are finishing up with the Light Bulb Wars where we test drive the CFL and LED bulbs on the market today, designers from all over the world are dreaming up the eco friendly light bulbs of the future. Here we take a look at what tomorrow might bring, including light bulbs made of paper, powered by wind, and disguised as incandescents.

1 The Eco Light by Tien-Ho Hsu is a space saving recyclable EL coated bulb made of paper. It is the winner of a 2011 Liteon award.

2 The Saving Energy Multitap by Dong Hoon Han, Hwa Yong Shin & Dong Jin Shin is an ambient light that reminds you to power off your energy sources.

Here is how it works: when you switch off an appliance plugged into a power strip without powering off the strip, energy continues to flow. Remembering to switch off can be difficult to remember or physically challenging when the strip is out of reach. The Saving Energy Multitap aims to help you with just that. When a strip is not turned off or unplugged, the corresponding light on the Multitap is turned on. All you have to do is tap the light and the source is turned off for you. See the prototype in action here.

3 The D: Light by Tim Edgeler is a light bulb, hanging lamp and disposal container in one. If you are using a CFL, it is important to dispose of used bulbs correctly. The designer of the D:Light wants to help make that process as easy as possible. Once the D:Light is finished, simply seal the package it comes in, which serves as a lamp while it is in use, and toss it in the mail. It is shipped back to the company which will dispose of it for you.

4 The Wind Bulb by WenCheng Hsiao & Jin-Dian Cheng is another winner of the LiteOn award. This hanging lamp and bulb collects and stores wind power that is converted into energy that powers the attached light bulb. It installs easily into any light bulb mount, by simply twisting the screw thread into any socket.

5 The LED by Frog Design could easily be confused for a traditional incandescent, but don't let looks fool you, this LED bulb is only designed to look old fashioned. The people at Frog Design believe that the best way to get consumers on board with eco friendly LEDs is to design one that works and looks like an incandescent.

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