Eco Market

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The online retailer has focused not just on handmade, but the story behind the product — the whowhat and why behind every item and business featured on the site.

The site’s wide range of products include gardening tools, electronics, fashion, food and even baby toys. Every item falls into one or more of the following eco categories: natural, energy efficient, vegan, biodegradable, recycled, organic, fair trade, forest friendly, water conservation, and animal friendly.

Team: Liam Patterson and Jason Dainter, both co-founders of Eco Market.

Open date: October 2010

Inspiration for opening: “Our goal as a company is not only to give (often small one man band) sellers a platform to sell products but also to give consumers all the tools and information they need to demystify ethical shopping, and to create open debates about key issues that will help shape our planet.”

Merchandise source: Over 1,600 merchants from across the world, selling over 15,000 products that range from Fairtrade, to natural, and ethical to up-cycled goods.

(Images: Eco Market)