Eco-Friendly Beer Drinking: Growlers Are Hot

Eco-Friendly Beer Drinking: Growlers Are Hot

Stephanie Kinnear
Jan 28, 2010

We had beer with dinner last night. It came in a bottle, from a six-pack we picked up at the grocery store. It was, we now realize, not the greenest choice we could have made. Instead, we should have been hunting for growlers.

If you don't know what a growler is, you're not alone. We didn't either. Growlers are reusable, refillable jugs that some breweries will fill with freshly brewed beer and sell. You can take a growler home, enjoy the beer, wash the jug, and take it back to be refilled.

Still don't get it? This New York Times article explains the phenomenon (which is apparently getting big in Brooklyn) pretty well. Growlers have been around for ages, but their rekindled popularity can probably be attributed to some things we really like: a sort of beer-fueled locavorism and eco-friendly, reusable packaging.

A little research and we realize we can get a growler at a brewery that's just a few blocks away from our apartment. So we'll be giving it a try.

Now, if only we could solve global warming by drinking beer the right way ...

(Image: Flickr member JoePhoto licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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