Eco-Friendly Envirolet Composting Toilets by Sancor

Eco-Friendly Envirolet Composting Toilets by Sancor

Colleen Quinn
Mar 5, 2010

These composting toilets by Sancor are already available and in use today. The Envirolet line offers four designs for both home and commercial applications: a waterless self-contained toilet (all-in-one unit), a waterless remote (looks more like a traditional toilet), a low-water remote (uses gravity to flush to a tank below), and the FlushSmart VF Vacuum Flush (flushes up, down, and around corners). The FlushSmart VF was even selected as one of Business Week's 25 Products That Might Change the World.

Sancor claims the Envirolet reduces wastes up to 90% via composting and evaporation. The waste input is approximately 90% liquid, and the system is designed to facilitate evaporation of this 90% leaving the 10% remaining to turn into a dry, compost material. Evaporation occurs naturally through the venting system, but is expedited by the Envirolet's heater and fan/wind turbine in a patented automatic aeration process. The Envirolet is designed to be emptied once a year for vacation/non-permanent type use and 2-3 times a year for residential/permanent or commercial use.

The system requires the addition of standard, garden variety peat moss (1/4 cup of peat moss per person per day), of aicrobe accelerator once every 2 weeks, and of a proprietary premix seasonally. The FlushSmart VF uses vacuum technology to facilitate toilet installation in the most unlikely places; with this system you can actually flush up to 70 feet away and up 12 feet, and offers models that run on either 120V AC or 12V DC.

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