Eco-Friendly Steam Dishwasher Saves Water and Power

Eco-Friendly Steam Dishwasher Saves Water and Power

Range Govindan
Sep 17, 2009

Essentially, dishwashers haven't changed in years. The only way that we've found to keep green while doing the dishes was to do them by hand, but this becomes unfeasible if there are a few people living underneath your roof. Dishwashers make more sense, but could they finally become green?

No matter what a manufacturer says about their dishwasher, they are still a long way from being green. Like we mentioned, doing them by hand is still the greenest way to do the deed, but what if that isn't possible? This new dishwasher concept uses pressurized steam to dislodge food particles, while sanitizing them at the same time. It's also small enough to fit on your kitchen counter. Once the water is collected, it gets cleaned using Membrane technology and reused for the next washing cycle. Only when the water gets too contaminated after a few cycles will the dishwasher have to replenish it.

There are also no detergents used to clean the dishes. Steam by itself will do the job. We really like this concept which was designed by Vincent Liew. It doesn't use any harmful chemicals and it barely uses any water. Plus, it's quite small, making it extremely convenient. The technology involved in this design exist already, so it's only a matter of time before something like this gets made for real.

[via Yanko Design, images by Vincent Liew]

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