(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ever longed for your own fresh herb garden? We’ve now lived in our gardenless rental for long enough that the “temporary quarters” excuse is wearing thin. So the only obstacle left is one that’s actually quite formidable: laziness.

When we read about Eco-Herb even that one started to melt away. These little kitchen-garden-for-dummies kits hail from Japan, land of excessive packaging, so it’s interesting that the selling point here is the biodegradable planting cup, aka the laziness defeating feature.

See, the idea is that you can sprout some arugula seeds (or lemon balm, basil, mint or parsley) on your windowsill, right in the cup they came in, and when the plant pushes at the cup’s confines you just “re-pot” by dropping the whole thing, cup and all, into a bigger vessel (with extra soil of course) of your choosing.

(For actual small apartment-sized planters check out Adam Ceramics’, or this post for other suggestions.)

$12 per pot, at Branch Home.