Ecopod E1 Series household recycling center

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re all for anything that helps promote recycling, so count us in to check out the Ecopod E1 Series. The idea of bringing a compacting household recycling center into the home seems like an intriguing idea. Recycling in itself should bring one satisfaction. But there’s something entertaining about the thought of getting your krush groove on by disposing your recyclable into predefined slots for plastic, aluminum, glass, or paper, and then hearing up to 50 items smushed into an easy to store form. We could imagine this would be a great way for children and adults alike to learn how to separate items for recycling too, making the environmentally friendly act one that begins as entertainment, and then turns into a wonderful habit.

The Ecopod E1 Series will be available through the 2007 William Sonoma catalog and direct from Ecopod starting this holiday season. The site has yet to officially launch, and no price is yet available, but you can contact them directly at for further update and information.