EcoSmart LED Light Bulb

EcoSmart LED Light Bulb

Regina Yunghans
Oct 8, 2010

Product: EcoSmart LED A19 40 Watt Equivalent Light Bulb
Source: Home Depot
Price: $18.47 each
Rating: Strong Recommend*

Nutshell Review: Good form and function!

Full Review: We all know the shape of a CFL light bulb, right? Those spiral-shaped bulbs stand out in shape, color, and inability to dim them. Enter the EcoSmart LED light bulb—a better-looking, better-lighting, and even more efficient option.

I recently had a chance to try out the EcoSmart LED A19 40 Watt Equivalent Light Bulb from Home Depot. A few things I liked right off the bat:

  • The shape: A19 refers to the shape of the bulb: it is the standard household bulb shape that will fit everywhere your inefficient old incandescents once reigned. And it does so with a smooth profile—not the spiral eyesore of the CFL.
  • The color: This bulb has a color temperature of 3000K, casting a neutral, honest light (not overly yellow or blue).
  • Dimmable: Unlike CFL's, this bulb is dimmable. It dims smoothly without flickering or humming. Loved that, allowing for lots of control over mood and lighting in different rooms and at different times of day.

These are just the factors I could observe immediately upon use. One other strong point that obviously can't be seen right away (but that I'll be keeping an eye on) is the high efficiency of this bulb. That $18 price tag may seem shocking, but the bulb is said to last 46 years! If that proves to be the case, imagine the decrease in material consumption and waste from simply switching over to LEDs! Add to that the fact that LEDs contain no mercury (better for the environment at the end of that 46-year life) and that legislation is phasing out U.S. production of incandescents by 2014 and LED's seem a no-brainer for the future.

One small issue I had with the bulb is that it doesn't cast light downward (when used upright in a table lamp, for instance) to the degree that incandescents and CFLs do. This is due to the amount of material at the base of the bulb as seen in the photo up top. That, however, is a minor inconvenience for a trade-off of high efficiency, dimmability, and excellent color rendition.

Have you ever tried LED A19 bulbs as replacements for incandescents or CFLs in your home? What has your experience been? Please share in the comments below!


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(Image: Regina Yunghans)

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