EcoSquid Organizes Electronics Recycling Options

EcoSquid Organizes Electronics Recycling Options

Colleen Quinn
Jan 13, 2011

Now that holiday season (and sales) are over, many of us are looking to find new homes for a variety of older tech now replaced by new additions. There are many options available both online and closer to home to help you move your tech along to greener pastures, but finding out if there is a market demand for your used tech can be a difficult, time-consuming endeavor that makes you question whether the hassle is worth the return.

Now however, there is a website to help you navigate the maze of tech resale and recycling: EcoSquid, which calls itself "the for electronics recycling and trade-in", offers an innovative service that allows you to enter all the details about the tech you want to resell or recycle, then assembles a list of possible offers for your review.

By taking away much of the legwork involved in hunting down different offers, EcoSquid makes it much easier to decide whether to resell or recycle your tech, and helps you maximize your return if you do decide to sell. EcoSquid also offers some information on ways to donate your tech to a worthy cause if you would rather pursue that option.

We would love to hear from any readers who have used EcoSquid to research the market for used electronics or who have other recommendations for ways to resell or recycle tech.

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