EcoVéa: Recycling Water for Guilt-Free Showers

EcoVéa: Recycling Water for Guilt-Free Showers

Linda Ly
May 9, 2012

Dubbed the "world's most intelligent shower," the EcoVéa is an innovative shower system that recycles and filters your used shower water, so you can still enjoy long showers while reducing your water and energy usage at the same time.

The EcoVéa consists of a 36x36 base that can be sunk into the floor as a built-in fixture, or installed directly over your floor. During a shower, the EcoVéa cell continuously analyzes the water — if dirty, the water is drained away; if clean, the water is filtered, treated with UV, mixed with a small amount of new hot water to maintain temperature, and recycled back into the showerhead. The parent company, Reveeco, claims that sometimes the recycled water comes out even cleaner than the source water.

The EcoVéa is also equipped with an electronic pad that eliminates the need for manual faucets. Users can set and store their desired temperature and water flow, and also record water savings provided by the system.

According to Reveeco's site, around 95 liters of water are used in a typical 10-minute shower. With the EcoVéa, this consumption can be reduced to 32 liters — a 66% savings over conventional showerheads. With reduced hot water usage comes reduced energy consumption, and the EcoVéa claims up to an 80% savings in energy.

The EcoVéa base is available in a variety of finishes to match existing bathroom decor. It is expected to retail for around $3,000.

Click here to learn more at the EcoVéa site.

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Re-edited from a post originally published 10.18.2011

(Images: Reveeco)

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