Ecover: The Power of Nature

Ecover: The Power of Nature

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Jul 15, 2009
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Cleaning cult brand Ecover's cleaning products are derived from nature, completely eco-friendly, and more importantly, they work! You can clean to your heart's content without being a detriment to the environment and to your own health. Ecover has been a Green Clean leader for almost 30 years, as all of their products are phosphate free (since 1980!), septic tank safe, not tested on animals, quickly and completely biodegradable, and safe for grey water systems (using the waste water from your laundry or dish washing to water your garden or lawn). Ecover also has a new Twitter account. Follow them to stay informed about ways to have the least impact on your environment...

Ecover really is a cut above the rest. The quality and effectiveness of its products and the company's commitment to sound ecological practices make it a company worth getting behind. Ecover takes into account the full life cycle of the product, beginning with the individual ingredients, which are always sustainably sourced, and proceeding to the end product going down the drain or into the air, which is always biodegradable.

Another cool fact: Ecover manufactures its own products in one of the world's first ecological factories. Some of the factory features include:

  • Skylights aligned with path of the sun to ensure a minimal use of electricity.
  • Sedum roof for insulation, minimizing the need for extra heating or cooling.
  • Water filtration system on site for minimal waste.
  • Machine pipes cleaned with a PIG. (Not a real one.) A PIG is a suction device that goes through pipes after each batch and helps minimize the need for water.
  • Bricks made from recycled coal waste and wood made from renewable/sustainable forests.

A look inside Ecover's factory

All of these responsible manufacturing practices have earned Ecover a spot on the UN Roll of Honor for combining commerce with conscience. There are no dubious ingredient lists on the bottles to try and decipher, no strange or hazardous chemicals to be wary of. Ecover lists the complete ingredients and packaging materials list for all their products on their website, so you can know exactly what you're buying, how it was made, and why it's good for the environment.

Some of our editors' and readers' favorite products include Ecover's Automatic Dishwashing Powder , the Dishwashing liquid, and the Laundry Wash HE. We've had great success with all three.

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