Ecowasbal: 1,000 Washes With No Detergent? Apparently.

Ecowasbal: 1,000 Washes With No Detergent? Apparently.

Range Govindan
Nov 5, 2010

Th Ecowasbal washes your clothes... without detergent! Designed by GreenHabits, a company based in Amsterdam, the Ecowasbal is made of environmentally-friendly polypropylene plastic. Just toss it in your laundry and it promises to save you up to 80% of the amount of detergent you would normally use. It sounds like science-fiction, but apparently it works very well. Anyone tried it?

Instead of detergent, the Ecowasbal is filled with small ceramic beads. When these beads come into contact with water, they create ions, just like normal detergent, which reduce the surface tension of water, activate the water molecules, and release the dirt and grime from them. And the Ecowasbal supposedly works with any type of fabric, and is good enough for 1,000 washes, which should last the normal user about 4 years! The manufacturer mentions that lightly soiled laundry doesn't need any detergent at all, while heavily soiled washes need a small amount of detergent, or around 15ml.

If it's true that this really cleans effectively, then it could reduce significantly the amount of conventional detergent that a family will use over the course of a year. And while we're not huge fans of plastic of any type, as you know, it is completely recyclable. If you want to try it out, it's available from The Future Perfect for $37.95.

(Via NotCot. Images by The Future Perfect)

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