We Tested A Ton of Bedding and Bath Essentials from Boll & Branch — These Are Our 10 Favorites

published Sep 27, 2023
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Red light turned on in yellow painted bedroom with neatly made bed with mix-matched bedding.
Credit: Layne Dixon

If there’s one product category our staffers test a lot of, it’s bedding and bath linens. You’d think that with all of the throw blankets and bath towels we have piled up around our apartments, we’d be sick of them. Storage issues aside, it’s impossible to be upset over truly high-quality soft goods. In fact, a few AT-loved brands come to mind when thinking about cozy, well-made bedroom essentials, including Parachute, Brooklinen, and Cozy Earth, to name a few. Another retailer that deserves their own dedicated editor favorites roundup is Boll & Branch. Over the years, we’ve tested a number of items from their impressive selection — everything from sheets to mattress toppers to shower curtains. Many of them even won spots on our Best Lists!

If you, too, are in the market for new linens or have been thinking about giving Boll & Branch a try, have a look through our list of recommended products below. You can’t go wrong with any of them, believe us. And now during their fall bedding event, you can get 20 percent off your order of $300 or more when you use code FALL23 at checkout.

1 / 10
Boll & Branch

"Think of a fancy hotel bed, and these sheets are part of that luxurious, relaxing picture," wrote Jada, our sister site's shopping director, of this Boll & Branch staple. "They’re buttery-smooth and cool to the touch, they’re breathable so I never get hot overnight, and they launder nicely without developing a ton of wrinkles, clogging the lint trap, or needing multiple dry cycles." You'll also be happy to learn that the signature sheets boast a sateen weave, which gives them a subtle sheen. In short, they look and feel great. If we could give these more than five stars, we would.

2 / 10
Boll & Branch

Not everyone is blessed with a ventilated bathroom, but you don't have to suffer from swampy towels because of that. Boll & Branch's spa bath towel was designed to dry quickly, so you'll never feel grossed out from damp linens again. "It dries off completely 30 minutes after I use it, despite hanging from the same hook that my other bath towels have resided," wrote senior commerce editor Alicia. "It feels soft to the touch, though it is not the plushest towel I’ve wrapped myself in." Still, the towel does feel luxurious thanks to its channeled lines.

3 / 10
Boll & Branch

Not only are Boll & Branch's products made of high-quality materials, but those materials are also ethically sourced. This soft but supportive mattress topper, for example, is made from humanely sourced wool, as well as a cooling cotton and poly blend. It's no wonder it won a spot on our Best List. "I tend to prefer a firmer mattress for my back problems, but always felt like I wanted that ‘aaah soft’ feeling when I got into bed,” said tester Ella. "This is the best of both worlds — you get the initial ‘give’ when you get into bed, but you don’t feel like the mattress is sinking beneath you." Additionally, the topper features elastic corner straps, so once it's in place, it'll never budge.

4 / 10
Boll & Branch

"I finally replaced my tattered 20-year-old blanket with this lightweight bed blanket, and I'm so glad I made the upgrade," said Mark, AT's commerce director, of this organic cotton layering must-have. Describing it as soft, breathable, and the perfect weight for transitional weather, he added, "Now that the fall evenings have gotten cooler, I’ve paired it with my all-season comforter and it keeps me warm without overheating." What's more, during summer, the throw will also be light and airy enough to keep you cool and comfy during warm nights.

5 / 10
Boll & Branch

These OEKO-TEX- and Fair Trade-certified sheets were described as smooth, crisp, and ideal for hot sleepers when they won a spot on our organic sheets Best List. “I LOVE these sheets!” said tester Hernetta. “I originally put them on my bed as a stand-in for my usual sheets that were being washed, but ever since sleeping on Boll & Branch’s percale sheets, I’ve been washing them and putting them right back on my bed!” Contributor Stella also tested and loved the sheets, adding, "With an array of sophisticated colors to choose from, any bedscape is bound to look (and feel) heavenly when topped with these Boll & Branch beauties."

6 / 10
Boll & Branch

If you want to wrap yourself in the perfect balance between soft and absorbent when you step out of the shower, this plush bath towel is a no-brainer. Commerce SEO editor Sarah loves its long-staple cotton fabric and overall durability. "Organic towels have always let me down in two ways: They were either scratchy or pilled like crazy — my ultimate towel pet peeve," she wrote. "So if you’re tired of being let down by organic towels and ready to invest in luxury bath towels that are both responsibly made and made to last, I have a feeling this towel might just become your new go-to."

7 / 10
Boll & Branch

When choosing our picks for the best duvet covers, this waffle set was an easy add. It's cozy and soft but still keeps you ventilated all night, making it ideal for any season. "It looks nice, it’s made with organic cotton, and it’s perfect for those in-between temps,” Jada said. The set, which includes the duvet and matching shams, is made with Boll & Branch's signature fabric binding, a uniquely soft material that gets even softer with each wash. The pieces in the set also boast hidden zipper closures, and the duvet has interior corner ties for securing your insert.

8 / 10
Boll & Branch

Jada also tested these linen sheets for Best List and gave them a high enough rating to help them win the Best Luxury category. "I love these linen sheets; they’re perfect for those in-between temps where it’s not too hot or too cold,” she said. “They’re almost as soft as silk and stay cool to the touch throughout the night.” The airy sheet set is a must for summer, as it naturally cools even the warmest sleepers. The linen also sports a relaxed look, which is a nice departure from Boll & Branch's signature cotton fabric.

9 / 10
Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch took their popular waffle-knit bedding and transformed it into yet another highly coveted product, this time for the bathroom. The waffle shower curtain is described as plush yet springy, so it'll hold in the warmth and steam while you shower without leaving your bathroom feeling swampy afterward. "I was always a little hesitant to switch over to a fabric shower curtain, but I haven't noticed this chic waffle curtain absorb any of the moisture from my overly humid bathroom," Alicia said after trying it. "There's no doubt that it has transformed my space."

10 / 10
Boll & Branch

If you suffer from allergies or just prefer not to sleep on down, you'll love this down alternative pillow as much as contributor Caroline does. "It will give you the same fluff, heft, and squashability — but without the sneezing or teary eyes," she wrote of the pillow, which is available in a soft, medium, or firm density. Commerce editorial assistant Morgan likened her soft-density pillow to sleeping on a cloud. "I never need to fluff it up, and my head sinks into it every time, but I'm still left with enough support," she said. "If I didn’t know, I would’ve never thought it was down alternative, as opposed to the real thing!"