10 Game-Changing Accessories Our Editors Can’t Travel Without

published Dec 10, 2022
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Here at AT, we’re all about making our homes as stylish and as cozy as we can. Of course, it’s not always possible to experience that same level of comfort when traveling. Between the anxiety that airports and flying can induce, as well as the uneasiness that comes with staying in new places, the journey to your destination can get pretty bumpy. Pair those factors with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed fast. Our editors, however, bring their homemaking skills with them wherever they go and have managed to compile an impressive collection of travel must-haves. Each one of these 10 items will make your next vacation infinitely more relaxing, eliminating bouts of stress caused by things like packing and a lack of sanitation. It doesn’t matter if you’re hopping on a cross-country flight or hitting the road the visit relatives — these indispensable accessories are sure to come in handy.

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Dagne Dover

If you're bringing sunglasses on the go, you need a case to keep them from getting squished. AT Managing Commerce Editor Tamara swears by this one from Dagne Dover, which she uses to organize her 20+ pairs. She also takes it with her on the go, writing: "Tthe sleek, geometric shape stands out so you can quickly spot it in your luggage or in your closet, and the outer magnetic closure keeps it shut so your glasses don’t fall out." Grab your own case while it's on sale!

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For longer trips, you obviously need a suitcase that's going to hold all your clothes, and then some. Assistant Shopping Editor Britt loves Solgaard's Carry-On Closet Plus, which has its own expandable shelving system to keep the contents neat and in place. "I was able to fit a large packing cube that was stuffed with three caftans and two belts along with my CHI handheld steamer into the space, and there was still room for a few small items," Britt wrote in her review. "Best of all, I didn’t have to force it closed!" Despite its impressive storage capacity, this is one of the most compact carry-on bags on the market.

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AT contributor Amy uses this small-space-friendly, 8-claw hanging dryer in her own home, but it's also amazing for air-drying clothes if you're staying at a hotel or at someone else's home. Its arms unfurl to provide 16 clips for hanging your lighter garments, but you'll have no problem transporting this gadget. "It’s even small enough to pack in a suitcase," Amy wrote of the octopus. "It’s simple, effective, compact, fun, and affordable."

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Gravity Blankets
was $100.00

Every road trip needs this breathable weighted blanket. It's perfect for napping during car rides, because it'll keep you warm without making you feel sweaty or hot. "I’ve had this blanket pulled up to my neck, thrown over my lap, and covering my shoulders and never felt like one side was weighing down more heavily than the other," Britt wrote in her review. What's more, the blanket comes with its own bag, so you can just roll it up and carry it with you when the ride's over.

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No matter how neatly you pack, turbulence and airport handlers can quickly turn your suitcase contents into a jumbled mess. Prevent spills and wrinkled clothes with this set of packing cubes, which is availabe in 16 fun prints and colors. AT contributor Stephanie credits them with keeping her T-shirt rolls perfectly in place. "I like that this set has a variety of colors, easy zippers with mesh sides (no mothball smells), and are made of water-resistant, flexible fabric," she wrote. You even get a drawstring bag to separate dirty garments!

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We'll admit, ROAM's Continental backpack is quite pricey, but Senior Commerce Editor Alicia says it's worth every penny. "I’ve cycled through at least seven backpacks since becoming a city dweller and this one still ranks at the top of my list," she wrote. "Why?" you might ask. For one, the Continental is super durable, water-repellent, and extremely lightweight. It also features a ton of pockets and plenty of room for all your personal items and important documents, and its padded straps won't dig into your shoulders. A worthy splurge, indeed.

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Grove Collaborative

When you're waiting in between flights or grabbing lunch at a roadside restaurant, you don't always know if the public restroom will have soap. Grove Collaborative's hand soap sheets take care of that problem. They're essentially really thin sheets of soap, perfect for taking on the go and activated with water. "I’ve kept these in multiple travel bags, transferring them from carry-ons to purses, and they’ve held up fabulously," Britt wrote after trying them. Never be caught dirty-handed again!

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Stocking up on travel-sized toiletries is no hassle, but packing them can be. Stop fussing over which pocket to place your shampoos and cosmetics in, and instead grab these magnetic, honeycomb-shaped capsules. "With the customizable set of six, you can choose everything from the color of each capsule to the label or icon, so you know exactly what’s inside without even opening it," Tamara detailed. "Seriously, these things may be tiny, but they’ve made a major improvement in my travel routine." And, of course, the capsules are totally leak-proof.

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Duffel bags can look so bland and dowdy. This one by Monos is anything but. Our very own style editor approves! In addition to its water- and scratch-resistant material, "There’s another mystical dichotomy to this bag," Blair wrote. "... it packs plenty, yet is small enough to fit under a standard airplane seat — let that sink in." She also described the duffel as "the luggage equivalent of the wardrobe leading to Narnia" because you'd never assume how many pockets and storage spots it has just by looking at its stylish exterior.

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Of course, investing in the right luggage is crucial, but so is staying hydrated on your trip. Because you don't always know if the tap water in any given place is safe to drink, you'd be smart to snag this $20 Hydros bottle, which comes with its own built-in filter. Sarah, AT's commerce SEO editor, says she never left home without it all summer. "This bottle went from the beach to the zoo, and I knew that whenever I wanted clean drinking water it was just a faucet tap away — and that’s a great feeling," she wrote. The bottle also sports a flip cap that keeps the liquid in and makes this item safe to throw in your bag.