Editor's Choice: Abby's Favorite Posts of 2009

Editor's Choice: Abby's Favorite Posts of 2009

Abby Stone
Dec 31, 2009

Too much re-reading of The Swiss Family Robinson and The Little House books as a kid fueled my DIY mentality. I make things because I like to know what I'm using on my body and in my home and then there's just the pure joy of creation. That's the sensibility that characterizes most of these favorite posts, a round-up of ways to make your own.


1 How To Make Natural Sunscreen: I never went through the baby oil baking phase but I remember a bunch of friends who did, carefully adding iodine to the oil to give themselves a base glow. Since my favorite sunscreen is difficult to find, I like the idea of being able to supplement it with one of my own which uses my favorite lotion as its base.

2 How To Make Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash: I originally posted this because I thought, if I'm going to take the trouble to use something special to wash what I'm going to eat, I want to know what's in that too. I still feel the same way.

3 How To Make Your Own Natural Carpet Refresher: Although I've been using baking soda to freshen my carpets for ages, Amber's suggestions in this post kicked it up a notch and reminds me that, like you, I learn something new and cool from my colleagues every day.

4 How To Make Your Own Stick Deodorant: My grandmother had Alzheimer's; I'm afraid I'll get it too so I do as much as I can to stave it off. In the interests of doing that, I'm wary of commercial deodorants and am always trying new natural ones. Thus the reason for adding this post to my list.

5 How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer: The stuff I can buy seems to defeat the whole purpose for me; also I don't like how most of them smell.

6 How To Make Your Own Homemade Dish Soap and Dishwasher Detergent: Because what I clean my dishes with is as important to me as the food that goes on them.

7 How To Make Your Own Dishwasher Powder: Another take on the above.

8 How To Make Your Own Clothing Freshener and Dewrinkler: Because I like my clothes to smell good but don't want to wash them to death, I like the option of this. It's also great to spray on your upholstery.

9 Use Milk (or Yogurt) to Clean Your Skin: I've always heard this gave you beautiful skin. I read this post and tried it and now I can say for sure that it works!

10 Make Butter By The Pound In A Stand Mixer: There is something so cool about this. I love adding fresh fruit to butter for a special treat.

11 The 7 Best Things We've Learned To Make At Home: I was at a loss at what to get for a friend who has everything and then I saw this post. I whipped up a batch of homemade dog biscuits for my friend (well, not for her, they were for her dog); it was easy, it was quick and my friend was overjoyed (her dog was pretty happy too.). It's become my new go-to gift for friends with dogs.

12 Detox Your Home With 8 Ingredients: Because this feels like the pinnacle of self-sufficiency to me and that taps some hidden pioneer spirit in me.

13 10 Tips For A Successful House Swap: I'm thinking about doing this and have no idea how to go about it so I bookmarked this post as a favorite.

14 Vintage Airline Food Carts by Flight 001: I have a soft spot for old steel anything that used to be used in offices, in labs or in hospitals and is now being used in the home so this post was a no-brainer for me. Now if only I can find a place for one in my home.

15 Roundup: Our Favorite Etsy Stores—And Tell Us Yours!: Because I'm always looking for a good recommendation and with so much on Etsy, it's easy to miss something great...

16 Regretsy: The Worst of Etsy: ...and then there's the stuff that's so bad it's great. And it makes me laugh.

17 10 Uses For Old Tennis Balls: Because I love to find new uses for stuff I already have.

18 7 Ways To Use Rope Light: I'm a sucker for anything you can do with fairy light.

19 How To Insulate with Bubble Wrap: If I can keep myself from popping the stuff, I love the way this looks and it certainly looks better than the alternatives I've seen (cue the plastic sheeting and blue painter's tape my dad used to use).

20 How To Make a Scrap Wood Table: Although I will never make this table (table saw? As someone who broke their finger opening their car door, I don't think I'll mess with this one) I love the idea of being that handy. Also, the table and the setting (those bricks, that arrangement of pictures, the beautiful wood floor, the light) are beautiful.

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