Editor's Choice: Amber's Favorite Posts of 2009

Editor's Choice: Amber's Favorite Posts of 2009

Amber Byfield
Dec 24, 2009

As an avid home cook, I am always inspired by the food-related posts here on Re-Nest. This year, I was moved to change my eating habits to help improve the environment, first by eating only sustainably-produced meat and organic produce, and then to all-out vegetarianism. These posts helped me along the way.

1. Omnivorism: Still a Dilemma? I wrote this to see what readers had to say about omnivorism during my shift to vegetarianism. Sometimes, it's the comments that offer more insight than the post!
2. Joel Salatin on Big Organic and the Future of Food Food, Inc. had a huge impact on me—it made this already-aware person hyper-aware of food problems on a macro level. Joel Salatin's role in the film especially impacted me.
3. From Farm To Table: The Local Food Movement Eating locally—and organically—is important in our home. I love the connection with the community that happens when you buy local foods.
4. 7 Food Certifications, Explained How helpful is this! With the deluge of labels found on market shelves today, an explanation of what's what helps keep us in line with our eco-friendly dietary restrictions.
5. Canning Makes a Comeback Last summer, my mother taught me my grandmother's (and great-grandmother before her) recipe for dill pickles. I caught the canning bug and this year learned to make jams, jellies, and more. It's inspiring to see this old-fashioned tradition come back into play.
6. Best Composters & Tools 2009 This is a great comprehensive list of the composters that are available—and exactly what situation they'll work in. As an apartment dweller, I've got to say that the Naturemill is quite alluring.
7. Good Quote: On Simple Food, Simple Eating A wonderful poem speaks volumes about the beauty in simple foods from the earth.
8. Inspiration: DIY Food ProjectsHere's another post to showcase my personal fascination with the kitchen. It's a place where you can be frugal, green, and creative. And then you get to eat it. What could be better? Food DIY could easily be my personal theme for 2009.
9. A Food Revolution It's inspiring that food evolving (or maybe we should say devolving) this way—eating more sustainably, buying local, and going organic—is catching on. This year, harvests from the garden especially inspired me.
10. Learning to Cook With Less Meat Again, comments from readers gave me the confidence I needed to take the leap into more sustainable ways of living. This meant cutting back on Texas-sized portions of red meat and beginning my journey into vegetarianism.

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