Editor's Choice: Trent's Favorite Posts of 2009

Editor's Choice: Trent's Favorite Posts of 2009

Trent Johnson
Dec 23, 2009

Like many of our readers, one of my favorite types of posts are House Tours. You'll find a few of those, a couple DIY projects (something I'm always undertaking at home) and a couple posts on the kitchen (my favorite space of all).

1. Green Tour: Matthew and Emma's Eco Environment : I love green home tours as much as our readers. Matthew and Emma McGregor-Mento's 650 sq/ft apartment is so wonderful, from the living plant wall to the beautiful floors to innovative dining/storage area.

2. Benita's Projects for an Organized Home: I always enjoy the new projects at Chez Larsson, so this roundup is a nice resource for decorating and reorganizing your home

3. How To: Insulate with Bubble Wrap: Easy, green ideas are my favorite. I posted about this bubble wrap insulation idea because it was just that: using water as an adhesive to apply packaging material repurposed as window insulation? Easy, green and effective.

4. North Eagle Treehouse Renovation by Jeremy Levine: This house tour has some of my favorite things: wooden slats, rocks, concrete and use of trees. A beautiful home and great home tour.

5. 100 Abandoned Houses: This one was a heartbreaker. The photo documentary of abandoned houses in Michigan is a sad reminder of the financial situation of the country which, hopefully, is now trending upwards. Let's hope that someday, this photo documentary will serve as a reminder of financial responsibility and what we should try and avoid in the future.

6. Kitchen Gallery: Living Plants in the Kitchen: I loved this post because it combines two of my favorite things: greenery and kitchen decorating. As someone who is continually "improving" my kitchen, I would love to incorporate more plants and this provides plenty of ideas.

7. Solar Light Collection Coming from IKEA: I was so excited about these when I posted about them, but I never actually saw the in the store. Granted, I only visited one IIKEA in October, just prior to my wedding, but would have loved to pick up some of the outdoor lights just for that purpose.

8. How To: Make a Mason Jar Lantern: I posted about this Mason Jar Lantern with full intentions of making some myself. I still have yet to finish my patio but I hope this serves as a reminder of how to light it when it's finished!

9. Joan and Johann's Mission Maisonette: I was impressed by the amount of LIGHT in this home! I lived in few apartments in San Francisco and none had as much light as this one. It's clean, modern and well decorated.

10. Dan Phillips and His Homes Made Out Of Trash : This home is truly unique. Dan uses anything and everything to decorate and construct his home. I especially love the fence/rails.

11. Best Eco Paints 2009: No-VOC and Non-Toxic: There are now an abundance of "green" and low VOC paints out there. This list of 12 provides a brief description of each, hopefully helping you to narrow down which paint is best for your space.

12. How To: Totally Rebuild a Love Seat: I loved this post because it's exactly the type of project I would take on myself. Our current sofa is a frustration of mine - sagging and covered with dog hair. Unfortunately, I think the solution to dog hair would be a different type of fabric completely.

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