Eeek! What Are You Afraid Of?

Eeek! What Are You Afraid Of?

Julia Brenner
Oct 19, 2012

According to my son, who is 4, it is officially "Halloween season". Decorations from classic to gory are popping up all over our neighborhood, so we've been having some pretty deep conversations about all things spooky and scary. And as I've been thinking about it, I realize there are still things that genuinely spook me out. Attics, crawl spaces, dolls...eek!

I thought when I was a kid that being an adult meant not being afraid of anything. Well, that ship has sailed, because I still have things that creep me out about houses and environments. I wouldn't say these are heavy-duty fears, but more so things that make me uncomfortable. So, in the spirit of Halloween season, let's put the "therapy" in apartment therapy. What house-related fears do you have? Ghosts? Spiders? Basements? Creaky stairs? I'll go first. I'm afraid of:

Attics. Yep, attics creep me out. They just seem like spaces that either house dusty boxes of sadness, or where deranged lunatics hide out.
Houses in the middle of nowhere. I have quite a few relatives that reside in lonely country houses, and while I absolutely love being in them in the daytime, I get truly nervous when night falls. I know it's because I'm a city girl, but the idea of being completely isolated makes me uncomfortable. My brain keeps going over all the "what if" scenarios. Conversely, I find police sirens oddly comforting. Perverse, I know.
Pitch black. Ok, I know this is because I've always lived in the city, but not having even the tiniest sliver of light at night scares me. I guess spelunking is not in my future...
Doll collections. I mean, really, they're just sitting there staring at you. Nothing good can come of that.

What are you afraid of? Share in the comments below.

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