Eek! iPod Shuffle Thrown in with the Wash!

Eek! iPod Shuffle Thrown in with the Wash!

Sonia Zjawinski
Feb 4, 2009

We got an email from a friend of ours about a laundry mishap with their iPod shuffle. He made some interesting points about the construction of both his iPod and Shure earbuds we thought you guys would find interesting.

a few weeks ago, while doing the laundry, i inadvertently ran my ipod shuffle and an attached pair of $500 shure earphones through the washer. i discovered them at the bottom of the machine, staring up at me like a pile of burned money. (although neither of them cost me anything.) i took them home but didn't toss them right away, figuring i'd at least let them dry out and see if luck mightn't smile kindly upon me. after all, non-noise-canceling headphones are powered from the jack, which means no internal power supply and, apart from the tiny armatures tucked deep inside the earpieces, no moving parts. and shuffles are solid state, so not much to get bolloxed up there, either. it took me a while to get up the guts to actually do it, but last night i finally plugged the shuffle into my computer and ... it mounted! what's more, all those husker du cuts were still on there, which means the volume was still readable. next i plugged the 'phones into another ipod: bingo! crystal clear $500 shure sound. of course, knowing me, i'll take this windfall as an opportunity not to learn from my mistake and end up doing the same thing again in a few months' time, but for now i feel like i've just been given a wonderful gift.

With the shuffle so easily clipped or tucked into clothing, this isn't the first time someone's thrown their $50 player in the wash.

Our friend notes: "just about any piece of portable electronics will survive a washing , a drop in the toilet, etc., so long as it is OFF at the time (ie, no currrent moving through them) and you DO NOT TURN THEM ON until they've been given plenty of time to dry out."

So, have you had similar miraculous experiences with your gadgets?


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