Effective Ways to Create a Home That Busts Through Any Bad Mood

published Nov 1, 2015
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Hate being in a bad mood? Your home can help. There are seven things you can do to create a home that helps you bust through any bad moods you might bring home with you.

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1. Don’t leave a mess for yourself

The best way to bust through a bad mood from a bad work day or too-long commute? Don’t leave your home messy to greet you when you arrive back to it. Same goes for not leaving a mess the night before and waking up to a disaster — starting the day off on the wrong foot might make any bad-mood things later in the day even worse.

2. Have everything you need ready in the morning

Speaking of messes and mornings, make sure your favorite coffee mug or tea cup is clean so you don’t have to do the dishes just to get a caffeine fix. This will help bust through any bad moods that might start after getting out on the wrong side of the bed.

Wake Up to a Well-Styled Coffee Station

3. Have a peaceful/motivating/inspiring spot

No matter what time of the day you need this spot, put some effort into making it. Whether it’s carving out a spot to meditate, to add a few journal entries, to do some yoga or craft or make art, it’s important to have a compact spot in your house you can retreat to when you come home with the blues.

4. Have an open line of communication with you who live with

You know what makes a bad mood instantly better? Having a laugh with a roommate or a heart-to-heart with a loved one. But you can’t do that when there’s tension over chores or anger over that passive aggressive note you left about the dishes. So cultivating good communication (and good feelings) with whoever you live with can have a big impact on helping you bust through future bad moods.

5. Make it easy to get moving with your pets

Happy and healthy pets (if you live with any) are pretty much the best natural mood booster you can find. So leave the leashes out (hanging neatly) and take them to the dog park or the backyard when they want to get moving. The movement and their enthusiasm will help.

6. Let your home make you feel creative

If you’re in a job you hate and find yourself coming home with a bad mood more often than you’d like, you might need more creativity in your life. Work to create a home that makes you feel creative and you’ll find that bad mood melt when you step into your motivating and inspiring home.

7. Improve your views

You know how you can’t really be in a bad mood when you’re looking at an amazing view? You might not be able to affect whether or not your home’s windows overlook the ocean or a mountain, but you can make your views better. Put a little effort and you might find that catching a glimpse at an improved view can help bust through a bad mood.