Eggs Schmeggs: The Peace That Eating Organic Provides

Eggs Schmeggs: The Peace That Eating Organic Provides

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 26, 2010

Over the last several years there have been countless recalls on food—eggs most recently. With the increase of these occurrences, more and more people are paying attention to what they shop for and eat. It's gotten me thinking again about why I make the decisions I do when I purchase my food.

Eating organic is obviously a choice and depending on where you live can either set you back in price or leave you with a little extra cash. Making sure you're up early enough to go to the farmer's market once a week (assuming you don't have one available to you every day) and meal planning to make it all work does require a little effort. But I'd much rather plan ahead and schedule my days around making sure the meats, veggies and fruits I'm bringing into my home won't leave me frightened with the masses.

The peace of mind, the ability to not worry that we'll become sick, knowing our world won't stop and we won't be checking dates when the next announcement is made — that relief is simply indescribable. For many it's a way of life, and although we can't all afford to eat organic or local, that doesn't mean we can't start looking at a shift in our finances and concerns to make a greater effort to do so.

There's an assurance in being green, in taking that extra step for your body and for your own sanity that you're in control, and not some farmer who opted to disobey protocol. Share your thoughts on this idea in the light of the recent egg recall in the comments below.

(Image: Flickr member Ivan Walsh licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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